TacKnives MTU4

OTF Knives – What makes it a must-have for anyone!

Knife –very essential and useful tool. It is probably found in every household. When we hear a knife, we often think of kitchen knives or pocket knives for everyday uses. Many of us don’t even know the category of tactical knives – OTF Knives and its uses OTF (Out The Front) knives are specialty tactical […]

TacKnives OTF Taken Apart

7 Tips on Double Action Knife Maintenance for Beginners

You can keep your out-the-front (OTF) knife ready for action by performing routine maintenance.  If you don’t have an OTF knife, you may want to consider buying one. They’re a great knife to own, and you’re guaranteed to feel right at home with it.  You get two cool features with a double action, OTF knife. […]

Find Your Perfect Fit Categorization Of Switchblades

Find Your Perfect Fit | Categorization Of Switchblades

Down the ages, if there is one common thing that has connected the psyche of people all throughout, then it is the primal fear for self-protection. To address this concern, people have experimented with a lot of tools. Tried and tested, one of the safest yet effective tools is the knife. However, due to its […]

Switchblade OTF

The Best Switchblade OTF – Single Action or Double Action?

Carrying a pocket knife at all times is crucial when it comes to self-defense and other urgent situations. Out the Front knives are the current favorite in the everyday carry range. They are available in two variants – single action and double action. Choosing any one of them depends entirely on your preference and requirements. […]

Top Switchblade OTFs For Sale That Are Worth The Hype

Top Switchblade OTFs For Sale That Are Worth The Hype

Pocket knives have been a part of our every-day-carry utilities for centuries now. They have evolved over the years to be more functional. Today, automatic knives and switchblade OTF’S have become more widespread than ever because of their ease of operation. In its true essence, the mechanism of switchblades, or automatic knives are simple. They […]

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