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How to safely store knives?

Safely Storing OTF Knives, Automatic Knives, or Switchblades

Safely Storing OTF Knives

Got Knives? Us too. Several of them. Owning multiple knives comes with the need to store multiple knives. I mean, I guess we could walk around with all our knives always strapped to our belt. But we are here for practical and tactical, and doing that just doesn’t make the cut.

We have combined our most logical and favorite ways to safely store our custom OTF knives when they are not in use. If you own multiple custom knives, or are growing your collection, this blog is worth the read.

For starters, before storing any knife, to protect its longevity, you must clean the blade and/or any moving components attached to the blade. Putting away a dirty blade could mean putting it to rest for good. That is unless you have the know-how and time to fix it back up. Overall, that is avoidable with a good cleaning before storage. 

OTF Knives Placement

Second, let’s talk about placement. We suggest putting away your custom OTF knives either up high, locked up, or hidden. Keeping your knife collection out of eyesight and out of reach keep it out of other people’s hands. OTF knives are designed to be easy to use.

They are meant to make the job get done easier. With such ease comes a touch of danger to little hands or even grown, untrained hands who might not understand what they are holding. Curiosity always gets the cat. This also eliminates any opportunity for knives that are not on your body to be stolen. Knives can be an investment, an investment you paid for, not someone else. Keep your unused knives hidden.

Third, now that we have covered keeping them safe from themselves and keeping them safe from others, let’s cover the best storage practices. Anyone enjoy a good afternoon of fishing? If you do, you are very familiar with a tackle box. Here is your excuse to buy another one.

OTF Knife Storage Options

We have found that a tackle box has great storage options with a side of organization. Depending on what tackle box you get, you can not only place knives in separate areas with dividers, but many come with quick access departments for easy reach on your favorite EDC OTF Knives. For smaller collections we like the Plano 1354 4-By Rack Tackle System | Cabela’s ( . We also highly recommend Plano Guide Series 767 Angled Tackle System | Cabela’s (

Another great option are hard cases with pick and pluck foam. We really like the 1800 Weatherproof Protective Case, Small, ( . It is a great price, keeps your knives organized, but also keeps them cushioned. A hard case is easy to hide and lock but also is easy to customize.

Customization is nice when your knife collection holds several different sizes and styles of OTF knives. These are also easy to travel with. We take a hardcase of knives every time we go to deer camp.

If you have a great idea on how to store your knives, tag us in a pic on Instagram @tacknives2010, we would love to see it. 

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