knife blade types

Which of the Knife Blade Types Is Best for You?

The verdict is in: more people are carrying knives for hunting, survival, and other vital reasons. This is why the demand for knives is growing. There are various types of knives and blades for all purposes, such as OTF knives. Not only that, but there are varying blade shapes available. Even the smallest pocket knife […]

otf knives

OTF Knives vs. Standard Pocket Knives: Which Is Better?

Pocket knives are a popular tool used for a variety of purposes. These include opening envelopes, cutting string, and even self-defense. But “out-the-front” or OTF knives have been growing in popularity as an alternative to standard pocket knives. There are pros and cons to both types, depending on their intended use. Keep reading to find […]

money clip

Why You Should Get Yourself a Money Clip Knife

Are you sick of carrying around a jam-packed George Costanza wallet? Looking to downgrade to something lighter and easier? Now’s the time to consider a money clip. Money clips help you declutter and with some having built-in OTF blades, you can leave the old pocket knife at home.  Using a money clip knife will help you […]

spring design

OTF Knife and Spring Design: Key Elements to Identify When Deciding to Buy

Out the front (OTF) knives feature in movies and TV shows, including The Dark Knight Rises, 24, and Despicable Me. Whether you want to feel like a movie star or bring a versatile tool on your next camping trip, an OTF knife fits the bill. You have a lot of choices when you start shopping. […]

Italian stiletto

Knives Out! How the Italian Stiletto Knife Became Famous

Before there was the famous stiletto heel, there was the stiletto knife. This ultra-thin, sharp knife became famous during World War I and II as a weapon. These days, like the footwear named after it, the Italian stiletto knife has an undeniable sense of style. The stiletto, or “little steel,” is a piece of history […]

single action vs double action otf

Single Action vs Double Action OTF: Which Is Right for You?

Are you ready for a new knife? No collection is complete without an automatic knife like an OTF. The question is, which one is best for you? These tools come in single action vs double action OTF knives, and each one has different benefits. To help you figure out which one serves your purposes better, we’ve compiled […]

out the front pocket knife

What Is an Out the Front Pocket Knife? Its Uses, History, and Benefits

What does camping have in common with opening boxes? Both actions are done easily with one knife: The out the front pocket knife. With all the different types of knives available to you, why should you get an out the front pocket knife over another? There are several useful benefits and historical reasons why this […]

TacKnives MTU4

OTF Knives – What makes it a must-have for anyone!

Knife –very essential and useful tool. It is probably found in every household. When we hear a knife, we often think of kitchen knives or pocket knives for everyday uses. Many of us don’t even know the category of tactical knives – OTF Knives and its uses OTF (Out The Front) knives are specialty tactical […]

TacKnives OTF Taken Apart

7 Tips on Double Action Knife Maintenance for Beginners

You can keep your out-the-front (OTF) knife ready for action by performing routine maintenance.  If you don’t have an OTF knife, you may want to consider buying one. They’re a great knife to own, and you’re guaranteed to feel right at home with it.  You get two cool features with a double action, OTF knife. […]

buying knives online

The Top Questions You Should Ask Before Buying Knives Online

Knives are an essential tool in most peoples’ lives. Indeed, over 140 million Americans engage in activities that require them. Whether they’re hunting, fishing, camping, or cooking, knives come in handy. As you can tell, there are all manner of incentives for owning a quality knife. Having an OTF, double, or single-action knife makes life […]

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