single action vs double action otf

Single Action vs Double Action OTF: Which Is Right for You?

Are you ready for a new knife? No collection is complete without an automatic knife like an OTF. The question is, which one is best for you? These tools come in single action vs double action OTF knives, and each one has different benefits. To help you figure out which one serves your purposes better, we’ve compiled […]

out the front pocket knife

What Is an Out the Front Pocket Knife? Its Uses, History, and Benefits

What does camping have in common with opening boxes? Both actions are done easily with one knife: The out the front pocket knife. With all the different types of knives available to you, why should you get an out the front pocket knife over another? There are several useful benefits and historical reasons why this […]

TacKnives MTU4

OTF Knives – What makes it a must-have for anyone!

Knife –very essential and useful tool. It is probably found in every household. When we hear a knife, we often think of kitchen knives or pocket knives for everyday uses. Many of us don’t even know the category of tactical knives – OTF Knives and its uses OTF (Out The Front) knives are specialty tactical […]

TacKnives OTF Taken Apart

7 Tips on Double Action Knife Maintenance for Beginners

You can keep your out-the-front (OTF) knife ready for action by performing routine maintenance.  If you don’t have an OTF knife, you may want to consider buying one. They’re a great knife to own, and you’re guaranteed to feel right at home with it.  You get two cool features with a double action, OTF knife. […]

buying knives online

The Top Questions You Should Ask Before Buying Knives Online

Knives are an essential tool in most peoples’ lives. Indeed, over 140 million Americans engage in activities that require them. Whether they’re hunting, fishing, camping, or cooking, knives come in handy. As you can tell, there are all manner of incentives for owning a quality knife. Having an OTF, double, or single-action knife makes life […]

Reliable Double Action Knives

Great Tips And Tricks For Finding Reliable Double Action Knives

You’re in need of a reliable knife, but your single action knife isn’t getting the job done. Choosing double action knives is the next step in the process, but what goes into selecting the appropriate knife? Thousands of individuals carry knives on them every day. Whether they’re used for practicality, adventure purposes or to simply […]

knife sharpening tips

Lesser Known Knife Sharpening Tips To Keep Your Blade Pristine

Are you a knife lover? Whether its single action, double action, or out-the-front (OTF) knives you collect, the value of having one in your pocket goes a long way. If you look back at the nation’s history, knives forged a deep connection with the American people. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why millions of […]

The 5 Powers of Automatic Knives That You Never Knew!

The 5 Powers of Automatic Knives That You Never Knew!

Anyone who is an enthusiastic collector of knives, one knife that seems to complete the collection to a certain extent is the automatic knives. Not only are they aesthetic in terms of appearance but they are also considered to be utilitarian in the real sense. No wonder why they add to the owner’s pride! If you are an adventurer […]

Automatic Knives

Maximize Your Expectations With These 4 Automatic Knives

If you are an ardent machirologist ( someone who is fond of collecting knives), adding a new switchblade or an automatic knife to your knife collection is definitely a fact to be proud about. There may be others who are looking for the best switchblade and OTF knivesto meet their self-defence needs in the most efficient […]

Find Your Perfect Fit Categorization Of Switchblades

Find Your Perfect Fit | Categorization Of Switchblades

Down the ages, if there is one common thing that has connected the psyche of people all throughout, then it is the primal fear for self-protection. To address this concern, people have experimented with a lot of tools. Tried and tested, one of the safest yet effective tools is the knife. However, due to its […]

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