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Top Switchblade OTFs For Sale That Are Worth The Hype

Top Switchblade OTFs For Sale That Are Worth The Hype

Pocket knives have been a part of our every-day-carry utilities for centuries now. They have evolved over the years to be more functional. Today, automatic knives and switchblade OTF’S have become more widespread than ever because of their ease of operation. In its true essence, the mechanism of switchblades, or automatic knives are simple. They have a spring-assisted blade functioning inside the handle which helps to deploy or retract the blade. These days, it is very easy to buy OTF knives online from various licensed retailers. Before buying it is crucial to know a few rules of buying online. 

How to Buy the Best Quality switchblade OTF Knives Online?

The most important rule when buying OTF knives online is that you should invest in the best one. This one-time investment should not be compromised. There are several dangers of replicas and cheap knockoffs as there aren’t any quality control tests there. Some of the best switchblade OTFs for sale are:

This has to top the list with just 4.6-ounce weight. It also features 2.48-inch blade made up of 440C stainless steel. At a total of 7.0 inch long, the handle is specially coated in Dura-tech rubber. It gives a heightened sense of grip and style. It has a ballistic window breaker at the end as well. 


The most beneficial part of this beautiful knife is that it is CNC machined out. The precision is unique due to the body that has a layering pattern hence rendering an enhanced grip when holding it. The blade is 7CR17 Titanium Stone Washed, thereby giving a minimal play. The finger actuator in this special model extracts the double-edged blade in a jiffy.

Just as the MTU16, this version focuses on keeping things minimal and slim. Itr features a carbon steel tanto serrated or double-edged blade with a minimal play. The zinc alloy handle ensures that it provides the perfect grip even when it is raining heavily.

Released back to back, the MTU series of knives are excellent in their claims. The tanto serrated carbon steel blade is harder than that of the OTFs usually found in the market. This large OTF is a single-action blade, making it the principal difference between the MTU series knives. 

The best part about this lovely model is that it has a spear double-edged blade, Damascus style. With a black body that also holds a window breaker, the finger actuator is found on the body of the knife. The blade has an added advantage of a stainless steel pocket clip that you can use for tip-down carry.
These are some top switchblade OTFs for sale that are available on the Tacknives website. You can check them out by going through their characteristics on the product descriptions and then finalize your decision. 
Conclusion: Tacknives is a USA based seller from where you can easily buy switchblade OTFs and other automatic knives online at the most affordable rates. The distinct battle-tested collection of the website features OTF knives in large, mini, and medium sizes. Check out the Tacknives website to browse through the catalog.

Still Confused? Read our article on categorization of switchblades to find your perfect fit.

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    This knife saved my life. I have been a PI for years.

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