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The extra-large OTF knives in our catalog are different from our spring-assisted knives. A spring-assisted model has a closed natural position, which means there’s no pressure applied to the blade before it’s deployed. Instead, you need to manually move the blade, like flipping it open, to deploy the edge.

In contrast, our OTF knives have their blades in the open natural position. This setup means that the edge is ready for deployment and is held back in place using the knife’s spring locking mechanism. The lock is activated using a button or switch, which releases the spring and deploys the blade.

Types of OTF Knives

There are two categories of extra-large OTF knives available. First, you can choose between a single-action large OTF blade and a double-action large OTF knife. Below, we delve into the main difference between these two:

  • Single Action OTFs: A single action large OTF blade deploys with the action of the loaded spring. However, if you want to retract the blade, you need to force the edge back into the body manually.
  • Double Action OTFs: Double-action OTFs deploy and retract using the same button or switch. With a single touch, the blade is deployed using the kinetic force of the spring. To retract the edge, you must press a button, and the system uses the pulling action of the spring, which was locked in place using the same switch or button.

Advantages of Our Extra Large OTF Knives

A large OTF knife has more volume, and the bigger blade can intimidate a would-be adversary if you find yourself in an emergency or self-defense situation. The longer blade also extends your reach, giving you better distance control if needed.

As a cutting tool, the heavier blade of a large OTF knife is better suited for cutting thicker or larger objects such as rope, rigging, thick vines, and other tougher items and surfaces. In addition, since the blades of extra-large OTF knives are retractable, they’re still pretty compact and easy to store and conceal.

At TacKnives, our extra-large OTF knives feature an OTF assist finger actuator, which quickly flies the blade open with an easy button push. In addition, we have double-action OTFs, which also retract quickly with the same action.

Each knife in our catalog comes with a rubberized handle, machined for a better ergonomic grip. In addition, our knives also come with a stainless steel clip for a more convenient carry wherever you go.

The Best Extra Large OTF Knives from TacKnives

Our product catalogs include a variety of knives for hunting, fishing, outdoor and other applications. For questions and feedback, fill out this form today, and we’ll get back to you soon.