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Down the ages, if there is one common thing that has connected the psyche of people all throughout, then it is the primal fear for self-protection. To address this concern, people have experimented with a lot of tools. Tried and tested, one of the safest yet effective tools is the knife. However, due to its sharpness and size, it isn’t that easy to carry. That is why the concept of switchblades has come up. Below are the categories of switchblades so you can find your perfect fit.

Perfect Fit double action OTF Knives

What is a Swtichblade?

In layman’s terms, a switchblade can be referred to as an automatic knife. It is enclosed in a case that makes it completely safe to carry. With the press of a button, it springs to action, exposing its sharpness. There are various types of switchblades used for different purposes. They not only help in different ways but are a wonderful addition to the knife collection of yours. Usually found is simple casings, they can save you from unexpected threats.

What are the two categories of switchblades?

There are essentially two main types of switchblades: Side Opening and OTF (Out the Front). Both types are different from each other and have their own set of features. You can choose either of them depending on the way you are going to use them or keep them as a part of your collection.

1.Side Opening :

This type of knife usually resembles the original manually operated pocket knives. The blade in such kind of knife comes out from the side of the handle. The press of a button activates the sensor and opens the blade from the casing. There is always a safety mechanism running in place. Having said so, it isn’t very practical, for opening from the side exposes the slit where the knife comes out thereby creating an uneasy sensation when held. It works the best when you have some heavy duty work to do but for quick purposes, this shouldn’t be the choice.

2.Out The Front (OTF)

OTF switchblades are the ones where the blade comes out from the tip of the handle and not the side. The basic difference between side opening and OTF switchblade knives is that the latter can be sharp on both sides.

OTF switchblades are then further divided into two more categories:

1.Single Action OTF knives: In this type, the blade doesn’t retract upon the press of a button. The spring that works as a part of the mechanism has to be compressed by hand to retract the blade. The blade opens more powerfully as the spring is stronger. 

2.Double Action OTF knives: This type of switchblade is the one where the blade expands and retracts, by the click of a button present on the handle. The button releases the tension on the spring and brings the blade back to its former position. Double action OTF knives are sharp at both ends and are safer to carry than others.

Conclusion: When you are trying to find the perfect fit for you and your knife collection, do not forget to add the grandeur of double action OTF knives to the table. Don’t forget to ensure that you get it from a licensed seller like

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