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TacKnives High quality OTF without the high price

TacKnives was founded in 2014, to provide you with
high quality OTF knives, that could be proudly and reliably used everyday by everyone.

TacKnives started in 2014 at Sunny Flea market in Houston, Texas. We were selling knives commonly known as gas station knives. 

Our customers were your average blue collar workers that needed an everyday knife that wasn’t more than $20. In addition to folding knives, we kept getting requests for OTF knives. We first started buying OTF knives from local wholesalers. Those knives turned out to be pretty terrible. The worst part was disappointing our customers with a junky knife. We continued to search and source for better and better quality OTF knives while keeping the price of the knives very affordable.

To this day, we continue to search and source from the best factories around the globe. We currently source from 6 different factories for different parts. 

We continue to strive for all our injection molded knives to be ceramic coated and equipped with D2 blade. We have rebranded our TK PRO brand to be TAKCOM. We partner with Bestech to manufacture our TAKCOM knives. 

Our long-term plans are to produce our knives in-house in the USA. We are currently looking for ways to produce injection molded knives of different materials. We are also looking to acquire CNC machines to make TAKCOM knives in the USA. These plans require new machinery, a new warehouse, and new employees. We are slowly working to get there. These long term goals are on our minds everyday. We firmly believe that we can match the price of overseas knives and beat the quality as well through innovative ways of production and better business practices. 



How Your OTF Knives Are Made


OTF Knives engineers/designers design the knives in house.


Then each series is produced in small batch and tested rigorously.


Only the highest quality and most reliable knives are made available.