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The Best Switchblade OTF – Single Action or Double Action?

Switchblade OTF

Carrying a pocket knife at all times is crucial when it comes to self-defense and other urgent situations. Out the Front knives are the current favorite in the everyday carry range. They are available in two variants – single action and double action. Choosing any one of them depends entirely on your preference and requirements. Here are few tips to learn what are the contrasts between these types of switchblade OTF knives.

What Is a Single Action Switchblade OTF?

Single action OTF knife blades can be expanded with a push of a button but they need to be retracted manually. These are remarkably simple in their design and are less likely to malfunction. Reasonably priced, their parts are made of readily available materials, making them efficient in functionality. The extraction speed of the blade is very smooth, and it is less prone to wear.

Switchblade OTF
Switchblade OTF

What Is a Double-action Switchblade OTF?

Double action OTF knives have spring assisted functions that facilitate the deployment and retraction at the push of a lever. You can find Double-action knives in an assortment of shapes, sizes, and affordable alternatives. These are fully automatic, and don’t require any manual assistance to function.

As the more fun option, a double-action switchblade OTF is safer than its single-action counterpart. The only criticism users hold regarding double action OTF knives is that they malfunction quickly. You can overstep this roadblock by buy the knives from a reputed and licensed retailer. Due to the quick deployment mechanism, they act as excellent everyday carry and can be used even with one hand. 

What Makes Single Action and Double Action Switchblade OTF Knives Different?

Single action switchblade OTF knives require an extra effort to retract and are less likely to fire without any lockup. While the double-action ones are of high-quality and perfect for heavy-duty performance.

No matter what type of OTF knives you choose, you must always ensure that you maintain them properly. If you keep using them and do not take proper care, it might harm their performance. A sharp knife will be able to give you better results than the ones that have started to dull. Both these types provide equal protection when you need it the most.

Tacknives is a USA based licensed online retailer of switchblade OTF knives. Both Single action and double action knives come in large, medium, and mini sizes. These are available in various designs and we battle-test them to mark their credibility. All the products available as part of the Tacknives catalog are affordable and come with a warranty.  

Want to know which switchblades are the best and why? Read our article top switchblade OTFS for sale that are worth the hype.

Conclusion : Should you want to know more about double action or single action OTF knives, and check out the various products from which you can choose from, take a look at the Tacknives collection.

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