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What are the benefits of Automatic knives?

Benefits of automatic knives

What are the benefits of Automatic knives?


With all the knife choices out there, why do we only sell automatic knives? Short answer because they are awesome. Long answer, they are very beneficial, and to us make the most sense with the things we are doing in our day to day lives.

Great Outdoor Knives

When we are hunting, we are looking for a knife that can do several things. We want a knife that is comfortable in our hands. We want a knife that doesn’t slip when faced with elements that come with a successful hunt. We are looking for a knife that we can carry easily and comfortably. We are looking for a knife that can get us through brushes with ease when headed to our stands.

And lastly, just like with our guns and bows, we are looking for an effective and safe to use tool. We prefer automatic knives or switchblades because they can hit every checkmark on our list of hunting must-haves for a knife. It is more comfortable for us to carry a four-inch handled knife that deploys a three-inch blade while sitting in a tree stand than to carry a seven-inch knife. 

Fishing, or successful fishing we should say is a sport full of elements. Wet, slimy, and slippery elements. Not to mention the motion of the waves if you’re on a boat. All of which can make using a knife difficult or even dangerous. Switchblades are our go to. We do not shy away from other style of knives; we just use what we prefer. We discovered what we preferred by using other types of knives.

Deployment of the Switchblade

The deployment on a switchblade or an automatic knife means your other hand is free to do what it needs to do. If we are cutting a line or a fish, we are ready to use and then ready to put away when we are done. Having a fixed blade or folding blade, in our opinion, is too hard to do it with one hand.

When working we prefer an automatic knife or a switchblade because again, the one-handed use. When we get shipments in, we like to work quickly and efficiently. The deployment of the blade is fast. The retraction assures that there is no loose blades or razor blades laying around to ensure a safe work environment. Again, they are more comfortable in our opinion to carry in our pockets.

Convenient to Use

Most of us here at the TacKnives headquarters have families. Families with little kids who a few times a year receive toys that are more secure than our military bases. If you ever opened an LOL doll or a Captain America action figure you know exactly what we are talking about. Twists, ties, tape, cardboard, quicksand, a secret password, and quick cage fight is what it takes to free these toys from their packaging.

Again, the go to is an automatic knife or a switchblade. We find those knives are easier to use and handle when faced with some of the most difficult cuts we as humans today must make. And yes, quickly, and accurately cutting out a new coveted toy while a youngster is pressuring you is considered a difficult cut. 

We may be avid hunters who can walk for miles, handle large guns, and survive the outdoors in difficult conditions. However, you’re not tough until you can get through modern day toy packing like a pro.

Go ahead and scroll through our variety of automatic knives and find the perfect knife for you.  

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