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OTF Knives – What makes it a must-have for anyone!

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Knife –very essential and useful tool. It is probably found in every household. When we hear a knife, we often think of kitchen knives or pocket knives for everyday uses. Many of us don’t even know the category of tactical knives – OTF Knives and its uses

OTF (Out The Front) knives are specialty tactical knives. The blade deploys and retracts automatically through a switch on the body of the knife. The extremely quick deployment gives it the tactical edge in an emergency situation.

TacKnives MTU4

OTF knives are a subclass of switch blades. Typical switch blades deploy from the side in a single action fashion. Because of the recoil force direction on the side deployment, there is some limitations to how fast you can deploy the blade on the side. Sometimes manufactures make the side deployment too strong and knocks the knife out of the user’s hand. OTF knives on the other hand have a very natural recoil action. It translates directly into the user natural holding direction, therefore the user doesn’t feel the recoil.

In addition to the minimum recoil, OTF knives are designed in a way where accidentally deployment is nearly impossible. Many switches blades are designed with a button. So when the button is pressed accidentally, the blade deploys. This is super dangerous!! OTF knives are designed with a switch. You really have to push kind of hard to deploy the knife. Typically the harder it is to push the switch, it means the spring inside is stronger and more robust. Due to the design of the knife, the switch and the spring are in a direct relationship.

Besides tactical uses, OTF knives are designed for all daily tasks.

Here are some of the daily life usages of these knives

  • Box Cutting.
  • Letter Opener.
  • Camping
  • The window breaker at the bottom can break glasses in an instant. This is especially useful when you are stuck in a car or need to rescue someone through a window. Or in a tactical situation, you need to gain access though a window.

The smart and effective design of OTF knives

The modern-day OTF knives are known for smart designs and effective performances. In most cases, high grade carbon steel is used for manufacturing the blades and aircraft aluminum for manufacturing the body of the knife. Apart from sharpness and the necessary firmness, another very important reason to use these materials is the weight.

There are two primary designs for OTF knives– 1) Single Action (SA – OTF) and 2) Double Action (DA – OTF). The former works automatically, but must be manually retracted close the blade. The double action knives work on a multifunction button and spring design.

The Finger Actuator is the key to deploying the knife. It is generally situated on the body of the knife and makes using the knife easy and safe.

Explore the best collection of OTF knives online

It is not difficult to find an online store that sells OTF knives. But what is important is to ensure the company sells quality knives and offer amazing customer service.

We, at TacKnives, provide you the best quality tactical knives and OTF knives. At our website, you can explore a wide collection of knives that look stylish and serve different needs. What makes us stand out in the crowd is our price, quality, and customer service. We challenge you to find similar quality knives at our price point. From mini OTF to large OTF, you can find the best OTF knife for sale here. Every purchase is guaranteed with a hassle free 30-days return policy.

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