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The ultimate easy-to-deploy automatic knife

A switchblade knife, also known as an automatic knife, can be deployed quickly with one hand, which is practical for those who often work in small spaces where one hand is needed to secure an object and the other hand to hold and deploy a knife for use.

The switchblade knife has become popular with many who require a folding knife that can be deployed with one hand. Linesmen, hunters, parachutists, firefighters, and other professionals find these OTFs convenient since the blade can be opened and closed with just a push of a button.

These automatic blades are suitable if you need to wear gloves at work. Other types of manual deployable everyday carry knives (EDC) have studs, which also serve the same purpose as the quick release button on a switchblade.

However, when wearing gloves, the small stud can be quite difficult to press. On the other hand, the well-designed button on switchblade knives is easier to press even if you have gloves on, which is excellent for first responders, medical emergency workers, and firefighters who often work under pressure.

Knife Specs

At TacKnives, we provide our customers with a full range of optimum quality blades, from out-the-front (OTF) knives to EDCs. In addition, we have seasoned engineers who design specialty knives that are durable, reliable, and easy to sharpen.

Here are some of the notable knife specs offered by our switchblade knives:

  • Easy to Deploy: Our OTF switchblade knives open and close easily with a positive click when pressing the push button.
  • Edge Retention: Our automatic knives are made with premium blade steel, known for excellent edge retention.
  • Wear Resistance: These switchblades are built to last, featuring robust design features, including wear-resistant blade material.
  • Ease of Sharpening: Our automatic knives are equipped with an edge that’s easy to sharpen.
  • Safety Lock: You’ll never have to worry about the blade deploying while in your pocket or belt clip. Our OTF switchblade knives are equipped with a safety lock preventing the knife from opening when not in use.
  • Slick Designs: We have designed our blades to be stylish and visually appealing. The clip and other external features don’t catch on shirts, bags, pockets, and other parts of your clothing.
  • Legal Carries: Our knives are legal to carry EDCs. We design the blade length and other features to comply with current safety laws and regulations.

Practical Switchblades With Premium Designs

Our stylish switchblades aren’t just attractive to the eye. They are built with durable, long-lasting blades that serve various functions for work or leisurely outdoor hobbies. Contact us today to find out which switchblade knives for sale here at Tacknives works best for your needs.