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Why You Should Get Yourself a Money Clip Knife

Are you sick of carrying around a jam-packed George Costanza wallet? Looking to downgrade to something lighter and easier? Now’s the time to consider a money clip.

Money clips help you declutter and with some having built-in OTF blades, you can leave the old pocket knife at home. 

Using a money clip knife will help you in staying organized and protecting your money. 

In this article, we’re going to touch on some of the reasons you should start using a money clip knife.

We’ll discuss why money clips are better, your options with OTF knives, and how this unique item can be used for self-defense or on the job site. 

Using a Money Clip Is Easy & Convenient

The first thing to consider is what do you prefer to carry? A large wallet or compact money clip?

We all know that your wallet should contain cash, credit cards, and identification cards. That’s it.

But, it’s easy for wallets to get bulky as other items pile up. Here are some things you shouldn’t carry in your wallet:

  • Social Security Card: Leave it at home where it’s safe
  • Coins: They aren’t a necessity in the United States where most money transactions are paper or credit cards
  • Receipts: Want to save them? Drop them off in a folder as soon as you get home
  • Condoms: Carrying them in your wallet will cause damage and they’re more likely to expire if you forget about them

Chances are you can probably remove all of those other pieces you don’t need every day. These are things like coupons, business cards, library cards, and more. 

Your wallet should be two things: functional and presentable. 

It’s this very reason why more men are carrying a money clip vs. a traditional billfold. And now you can get a money clip with a built-in OTF knife. 

What Is an Out the Front or OTF Knife?

Before we start talking about a money clip with a disguised knife, let’s answer the question of what is an out the front or OTF knife? Think of a switchblade. 

It’s an automatic knife that deploys a blade from the front of the handle when you press a button or switch. This is achieved with a spring inside of the knife itself. 

When shopping for an OTF knife you actually have two options. One is a single-action OTF where the spring opens the knife but you need to push the blade back in to close it.

The other is a double-action OTF. With this type of knife, you can both open and close the blade with the spring. The downsides to double-action are that it’s more expensive (with extra parts inside) and needs more cleaning to prevent malfunctions. 

You also can choose between having a blade with a single edge or double edge. 

So why do people want to buy OTF knives? The main reason is you can open it easily with one hand. Besides being used for self-defense, the OTF is ideal for hunting, fishing, camping, and outdoor work. 

Protecting Yourself With Money Clip Knives

Hopefully, it’s becoming clear why you should think about buying a money clip knife. For one, this type of wallet makes your transactions quicker and easier. 

It’s also way more comfortable in your pocket than a thick old-school wallet full of receipts and expired gift cards. Money clips are the ultimate way to declutter your life. 

But, now there are added benefits to using a money clip thanks to companies developing knives to sit inside of your clip. 

TacKnives, for instance, is offering a six-inch money clip knife with a double-action OTF blade. The clip is made from an aluminum alloy and the knife itself is double-edged. 

Money clips are available in multiple colors or with a custom design on the side.

They’re ideal for self-defense if you live in a city where muggings often occur. A knife with a double-edged blade is better suited for defending yourself because there are more ways to cut or slash. 

No one will know you’re carrying a small knife in your pocket, but having it as part of your money clip gives you peace of mind when leaving the house. 

Have a Pocket Knife Handy for All Occasions

While many people will buy a money clip knife to protect themselves, others want to have a small blade on hand to help cut through plastic ties or open a box. 

Pocket knives have been carried for years by laborers, construction workers, and people who need to cut something quickly. They’re still regularly carried but some knife users want something smaller.

Remember, the purpose of buying a money clip is to declutter and carry less in your pockets throughout the day. People may not want to feel the knife in their pocket or they’re tired of having it strapped to their belt.

The good news is a money clip knife kills two birds with one stone. First, you get to carry your money, credit cards, and IDs. You also get the pocket knife you’ll need from time to time. 

You can buy a traditional OTF pocket knife but it’ll be bigger than the money clip and more expensive. And if you only need a small blade to occasionally cut something, it’s smarter to go with the clip. 

Order a Quality Money Clip Knife

Having a convenient money clip and a short blade for when you need it is the best of both worlds. By the end of this article, we hope you’ve learned why you should pick up a money clip knife. 

Make sure you’re shopping at a reputable knife dealer and do your research before making a purchase. 

Do you want a single or double action knife? A single or double-edged blade? What size is convenient? What metal is the knife made of?

As you can see there are a ton of factors to consider. Contact us now if you have questions about OTF knives or if you need help selecting the best one for your needs. 

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