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Money Clip Knives

Money Clip Knives

Part of one of our unique collections of out-of-the-front (OTF) knives is the money clip knife. It combines the functionality of a money clip and the concealment of an easy-to-deploy pocket knife. Of course, not every OTF money clip is the same. Below, we outline the different models and features of these knives.

What Is A Money Clip Knife?

Money clip OTF knives can be one of the handiest knives you’ll ever carry. It’s small enough to fit into your pocket, and it packs enough punch for various uses. The knives of this class in our collection are designed for durability and practical use.

These knives are aesthetically appealing, judging by their sleek and thin frame and handle. Their size also makes them easy to conceal for everyday use. TacKnives only carries money clip knives with multitasking features. A money clip knife offers a  two-for-one deal with the additional functions you never knew you needed.

The Best OTF Money Clip Knives

Are you looking for the most reliable money clip knives in the market today? Let’s go over the details of some of the highly-rated OTF knives in our collection:

Option #1: Double Action Safety Knife Out-The-Front OTF MT11R – Money Clip

Let’s begin with a more budget-friendly money clip knife: we introduce to you the TacKnives Double Action Safety Knife Out-The-Front OTF MT11R – Money Clip. You can learn more about this highly-rated OTF blade by clicking here.

Our customers give this knife a five-star rating, which is quite impressive. This particular money clip OTF knife has a retail price of only $59.95. 

This concealable OTF knife has a 1.96″ blade, and it comes with a double-action feature. It also has a spear point 3Cr13 blade 3Cr13 blade steel. This type of alloy gives it a lot of rust resistance and decent edge retention. In addition, the material used to construct the handle is made of zinc-aluminum alloy, allowing you many fun color choices. The alloy for this knife is also well-known for its durability.

Option #2: TK PRO Wasp Set 1

We have the TK PRO Wasp series of money clip knives moving up to the next tier of the price range. You will find the following in this collection:

  • TK PRO Wasp 07
  • TK PRO Wasp 08
  • TK PRO Wasp 09

These knives also have five-star user ratings. The TK PRO Wasp 07, 08 and 09 come outfitted with a double-action, spear point, 154cm blade steel. Because of this type of blade, these knives work like throwing knives that can effortlessly stab and pierce targets.

In addition to that, the TK PRO Wasp is designed and crafted with high-quality materials for better longevity. No bigger than three and a half inches, the TK PRO Wasp is easily concealable in a pocket or a purse and has a sleek designer-like look to it.

Option #2: TK PRO Wasp Set 2

We highly recommend the TK PRO Wasp 06 and the TK PRO Wasp 05. They offer the same benefits as the TK PRO Wasp 07, 08, and 09. The big difference is that these knives feature a superior M390 blade paired with brass and aluminum handles.

They also have excellent aesthetic qualities with their sleek design and gold-like finish. Overall, this upper-tier TK PRO Wasp set borders on pocket jewelry and a general utility knife. 

Option #3: Premium Quality OTF Money Clip Knives

Last but certainly not least, we have the following set: TK PRO Wasp 01, TK PRO Wasp 02, and the TK PRO Wasp 03. Coming in at the highest price point, the TK PRO Wasp 01, 02, and 03 have a retail price of around $219.95. This group of TK PRO Wasps comes with all the same features as the last group, including the M390 blade steel.

However, every other part comes fully upgraded. Adding to their overall value and durability, the handles on this group of TK PRO Wasps are constructed out of titanium and aluminum alloy with a titanium clip. Overall, you get premium quality with the textured, modern angled design for both looks and grip. 

To check out the TK PRO WASP collection in its entirety, head to this knife collection page.

Money Clip OTF Knives for Every Need

TacKnives has a quality money clip OTF knife available at any price point suited to your needs. You can learn more about our TK PRO Wasp knives on our Youtube channel, and we also have a separate channel for sneak peeks about our new offerings that you can watch.

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