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TK PRO is a new series of knives from TacKnives that are above and beyond in quality, materials, and craftsmanship.

TK PRO knives utilize the most high end materials such as D2 or M380 for the blade. As for the handles, they are either made from aircraft aluminum or titanium, or a mixture of the two. Besides the materials, the magic is in the machining. TK PRO knives will take 5 to 10 times longer to CNC machine to achieve the super tight tolerance for reliability and minimal play.

We want to ask for your help to name our first TK PRO knife. Check out the “NAME OUR KNIFE” contest and the TK PRO Knife Gallery



Quality and Reliability

TK PRO is a new line of knives from TacKnives that can go head to head with all the premier OTF Knife companies in the market. TK PRO OTF knives are of the highest quality in precision, reliability, and machining. Each TK PRO OTF Knife is individually machined with the blade to ensure a perfect fit.


TK PRO OTF Knives blades are made from a minimum of D2 steel. Steel upgrades can go up from D2 steel to M380 steel. The handles are made from the very least aircraft grade aluminum. However, TacKnives will use Titanium and Brass as well.