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Choosing The Right OTF Knife for The Job

Choosing The Right OTF Knife for The Job

You have so many options when it comes to OTF knives. TacKnives alone has hundreds of different styles, blades, materials, handles, shapes, and sizes to choose from. How do you know what one is right for you?  Well, you keep reading.

Working in the warehouse

You can always go out and buy your run of the mill box opener blade, or you can choose a tool that is better suited for all over performance. Check out the TK PRO WASP. Crafted and designed for comfort in mind. Coming in a touch over three inches, the TK PRO WASP fits perfectly in the palm of your hand and your pocket.

Its low profile allows for not only good grip but easy carrying. Carrying the TK PRO throughout your workday will be comfortable and easily accessible. With high quality blade steel options, the TK WASP is resistant to wear. You can, and should, use this knife daily without worry of needing to sharpen or replace your knife.


We have already touched base on this, but we suggest the MTU19, MTU21, MTU22 & MTU23 otherwise known as our OTF Karambits. Check out the Blog post on Karambits here or the YouTube video here.


We suggest the MD8T. With textured finger placement, the MD8T can provide precise performance for things like tape, boxes, tie wrap, stripping wire, notching wood and more.


Daily tasks include cutting of cardboard, plastic packaging, strapping, rope, and string. You need a tool that can not only perform the job but perform it efficiently. In addition to that, you need a knife that can be operated with one hand. OTF knives allow the user to operate the knife with one hand.  A quality OTF knife is one of the most efficient tools you could have. Check out the TK PRO Stinger DP and the TK PRO Stinger T.

Mowing Lawns

Cutting string trimmer line. Cutting string trimmer line. Cutting string trimmer line. Of course, there are other needs for a knife in the lawn mowing department. However, the number one reason you need a knife if you’re mowing lawns all day is cutting string trimmer line. The constant abuse a knife takes to cut a string trimmer line daily means that whatever knife you’re using must not only be sharp but be able handle the abuse. MD3DPS is our choice for the job.


To poke holes in the DA’s case. Just kidding. However, you can get yourself a nice Italian stiletto to open your mail like the STXLBW1.

If you use a knife daily at your place of work, we want to hear about it. Send us an email on what you use and why you use it.

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