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Karambit: The Original EDC

 Karambit. The Original EDC?


We can’t talk about a karambit without talking about farmers. Farmers daily tasks involve the needs for tools that are good for hooking, tearing, ripping, and slicing with maximum efficiency and minimal effort. That is why the modern day karambit was designed. Back in the 11th century, Indonesia came up with a farm tool that could accommodate all the needs necessary for farming. The karambit, or as we like to say the 11th century EDC. Fun Fact: The design of the curved blade was originated to resemble a tiger claw.  Roar.

The karambit has distinct features. Once you know what a karambit is, you will always know what a karambit is. Yes, a karambit design is unique in comparison to other EDC knives but the function is the same, in some cases, better. Depending on what you are using your knife for, the karambit has the option to be one of the safest knives. How can a blade that looks so deadly be so safe? Well, with this ring…

The karambit has a distinct safety feature, the safety ring.  It is believed that this design feature was added later in its evolvement when it started getting used for combat and not just utility.  As the karambit grew in uses, the advancement for safety features was necessary. When used correctly, the handler will put their finger in the safety ring which will stop their hand from sliding down the handle into the blade during use. This makes a karambit an elite option for EDC as your grip is firm regardless of what the handle could be covered in.  Think mud, dust, dirt, water or when hunting, yes hunting, blood.

Now a days the karambit is more well known for its use in martial arts rather than its use in EDC. Even though it is important to know how useful and tactical the karambit can be, it is equally as important to acknowledge its combative side. Let’s cut to Pencak Silat or Pentjak Silat. Don’t know what that is? It’s a form of fighting from Indonesia that is considered deadly, close combat. What does a karambit have to do with an Indonesian form of martial arts?  It’s obvious that the karambit itself with its unique design gives a combative advantage. However, some believe that the karambit was impactful to the development of Pencak Silat. There is still much debate on what came first, the fighting or the karambit but either way there is no mistaking its… usefulness.

To make sure that the karambit is the right fit for you, check your state laws first. Always carry legally and safely. Once you have done that, evaluate your needs. If you need an all over utility knife—like for farming, the karambit would be a perfect fit. If you are a master of Pencak Silat, then you are aware of the karambit and have no business reading this blog.


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