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What is TacKnives TK PRO?

TK PRO is a line of OTF knives that are designed and crafted to perform in all elements with high levels of performance without the price tags. As knife enthusiasts, our goal is to get quality knives in the hands of everyone. There are currently fourteen knives in the TK PRO collection. Six designs with material, color, and blade shape options. Let’s break down each knife for you.



The TK PRO Chamfer was crafted for two purposes. To look good and to work well. Designed with several chamfered edges, the handle gives you architectural angles that are pleasing to the eye while providing you function and comfort in the handle. The chamfered edges combat day-to-day wear on this EDC OTF while allowing you a handle that can be used in the elements without slipping. The blade material 12C27 on the TK PRO Chamfer was chosen to provide the hunter, camper, and tactical users with a reliable EDC blade. With the combination of quality materials and craftsman techniques, the TK PRO Chamfer is the right knife for everyday carry. Fully deployed the TK PRO Chamfer is 6.89″ and comes in both spear point and drop point.



The TK PRO Barracuda design was inspired by the creature itself, which is known for its fearsome appearance and ferocious behavior. The TK PRO BARRACUDA deploys fully at 7.76 inches and weighs 3.1oz.

The visual design inlaid in the handle allows for easy blending in any element outside of your hand from fabric to brush. Textured only where needed, the TK PRO Barracuda handle has a simplified grip matched with T6 Hard Anodized T6061 aircraft aluminum, giving you both functionality and strength needed for whatever comes your way. The TK PRO Barracuda blade measures at 3.58 inches and comes in Wharncliffe and Double Edge. Both blade shapes are designed for piercing and slicing and are made from D2 blade steel. Carrying the TK PRO Barracuda gives you the assist when hunting, fishing, and working, enabling you to become like the Barracuda. Always the predator and never the prey.



TK PRO’s third knife design shows up vigorously to work for you. Inspired by blue-collar industries the Vigor is built with a Sandvik 12C27 blade to maintain sharpness with each performance while allowing multiple uses due to its tanto blade shape. Crafted to be lightweight for comfortable handling and optimal grip, the Vigor’s multi-texture handle will become one with your hand with use over time. The Vigor is a double action, large OTF that reaches a total of 7.48 inches when deployed and when retracted the Vigor is the perfect daily carry at 4.02 inches.



TK PRO‘s Nighthawk was designed with a stealthy, no-fuss mentality. The TK PRO NIGHTHAWK is a straightforward OTF knife that is easy to deploy and ready to perform. The TK PRO Nighthawk is built with D2 blade to maintain sharpness use after use. The handle-face-switch gives additional leverage for deployment. Making the Nighthawk easier to deploy and retract. Designed specifically for ergonomic left- or right-handed carry without worrying about the pocket clip position. The Nighthawk is equipped with a Tanto style D2 blade. When it is fully extended, the whole knife reaches a total of 8.19 inches. When it is retracted, the handle measures at 4.96 inches.



TacKnives TK PRO Mini OTF Stinger series is TacKnives first ultra-high quality mini size OTF knives. The Stinger series is a slick EDC (Everyday Carry) that fits inconspicuously in your pocket. With the handle measured at right about 3,5″ with a window breaker, the Stinger stays hidden but can raise to all occasions. The Stinger series is equipped with D2 blades that stay sharp after countless uses. D2 blades are also easy to sharpen and holds an edge. The TK PRO STINGER is available in both Tanto blade shape and Drop point.



A wasp’s sting can invoke severe reaction, not only in nature but in EDC. The TK PRO Wasp line is designed to fit comfortably in your hand while maintaining a low profile to easily conceal in a pocket. The Wasp is designed for you to have complete control in all elements. The Wasp05 features polished brass front handle for a slick and stylish design. The shorter blade allows for more detailed cuts. Crafted for durability, the Wasp05 uses upgraded materials to not only protect from corrosion but to maintain quality for constant, daily use. The Wasp series has different combinations of blade materials and handle metals. For blades, we use M390 or 154CM. For handles, we use combinations of titanium, brass, or aluminum. There are six different Wasps for you to choose from.

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