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What is a Stiletto Knife, and should I consider one?

Stiletto Knife

What is a Stiletto Knife, and should I consider one?

What is a Stiletto knife? Well, if we throw it all the way back to the 15th century when they were first introduced.  A stiletto would be a knife or dagger with a long slender blade and needle-like point.

History of The Stiletto Knife

The Italian word “stiletto” comes from the Latin stilus, the thin pointed Roman writing instrument used to engrave wax or clay tablets in ancient times blah, blah, blah let’s get to the good stuff.

The Stiletto has a dark and crazy history with some interesting left turns. It was originally designed to stab, and in the late Middle Ages Knights would use them as a secondary weapon to, for lack of better term, finish off their enemy.

Now the Stilettos we are accustomed to here in America are nothing like the one-piece cast-metal handles of hammer forged death that the knights used. The knights of those times wouldn’t even recognize what we call a Stiletto all thanks to the nineteen-fifties. But that’s for later.

 Italy, year fifteen thirty-six, a dueling treatise was authored and contained sections on dagger and stiletto fighting. The sixteenth century to the nineteenth century the Stiletto was the weapon of choice for criminals and responsible for political assassinations.

In World War l the Stiletto made its appearance in hand-to-hand combat. World War ll the Stiletto took its place as the tool for silent killings.  Then the nineteen fifties swooped in, and the modern-day Italian Stiletto was introduced to Americans.

 We touched base on how American sailors brought Italian Stilettos to America and a short history of that in our “Are OTF Knives Useful” post.

What to Consider Before Buying a Stiletto Knife

Now that you have a bit of information on how the Stiletto was developed and morphed into what it is today, should you consider owning one? We say yes, of course. They look cool, they have an awesome history, and they are very handy to have around. I’m sure you’re looking for more detail than that though.

Aside from our mini firecracker STSW1, TacKnives selection of Italian Stilettos are considered Large to Extra Large Double Action OTF’s ranging in nine inches, eleven inches, and thirteen inches deployed.

They come in a range handle colors and designs and most importantly stay true to the bayonet blade style. As mentioned, they are double action OTF’s which makes then easy to use with one hand making them incredibly useful around the house or at work.

All in all, a Stiletto is solid purchase and a great knife for your collection. If this is the first OTF knife you’re considering purchasing, well, we like a go big kinda’ attitude around here. We fully support that.

If this wasn’t enough to convince you that a Stiletto Knife is right for you, that’s alright. We invite you to scroll through our options and read the reviews.  Stay sharp everyone!  

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