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OTF Knives Myths

Top 5 Popular OTF Knife Myths

Top 5 Popular OTF Knife Myths

Welcome to the world of knife obsession. You buy one because of necessity and subsequently, your collection grows because of want. Before you know it, you’re adding to your collection, just because you can. When it comes to the art of knife shopping, the more you buy, the more you know.

We have purchased our fair share of knives, and this has given us the ability to become one of the best OTF knife sellers in the industry. We have allocated enough of our money to procure the knowledge needed to know the good, the bad and the ugly about OTF knives. To save you time and money, we’ve summed up some of the most popular OTF knife myths, so you don’t have to fall for them:

Myth 1: OTF Knives (AKA switchblades) Are Against the Law

In the United States, each state has its own set of laws. Only a few states fully prohibit the ownership, selling, and carrying of an OTF knife. To those states we say, that’s too bad. In many states, you can not only own them, but carry them too. Check out our post to see your state laws on OTF Knives


Myth 2: OTF Knives Are Considered To Be A Dangerous Weapon

OTF Knives received a bad reputation when Old Hollywood used Italian Stilettos as props for movies such as West Side Story. We get it, a choreographed dance-fight number is scary and intimidating. The truth is OTF knives, specifically double-action ones, are the best knives to purchase when you only have the use of one hand.

Whether it be for work, a project, or disability, only needing one hand to deploy and retract the blade makes the OTF knife an incredibly useful tool. OTF knives are not any more or any less dangerous than other knives. However, they can be more useful.


Myth 3: OTF Knives Break Easily

Well, maybe other ones do, but TacKnives OTF knives are made to be durable so you’ll never face this problem.  However, let’s say you’re new to OTF knife collecting and you notice that your blade stopped deploying and is all loosey-goosey in its handle. It’s not broken, it’s performing a necessary safety function. You’re probably wondering if a loose blade is safe not really, but it is much safer than deploying a blade into your body.

An OTF knife with a safety feature won’t deploy properly if there is an object hindering the exit point of the blade. This will cause the blade to get off track with its inner working and be loose in its handle.

The blade can then be easily pulled back on track and work just as well as it always has. If you’re not familiar with OTF knives though, this will seem like a defective knife. In reality, it is just a knife that looks out for the safety of its handler. 


Myth 4: OTF Knives Are Only Good When They Are Expensive

This myth calls for some explaining. There are cheap OTF knives and then there are inexpensive OTF knives. If you purchase an OTF knife from a pawn shop on sixteenth street for seven dollars, chances are it will break on you.

When ordering an inexpensive OTF knife, you can still get the benefits of good quality and durability. They exist, and we sell them every day. Budget-friendly OTF knives are just as important and durable as the expensive ones.

Purchasing a few inexpensive OTF knives will give you the necessary experience to find out what you like and don’t like about an OTF knife before you decide to spend the big bucks, if you choose too.

When it comes to purchasing a high-quality inexpensive OTF knife, the key is to find a seller who provides not only quality material, but also a warranty and an excellent customer service rating. 

Myth 5: You Only Ever Need One OTF Knife

This one feels a little like an insult. OTF knives are far from being all the same.  Due to the general want for more types of knives, OTF knives come in different size options from mini to extra-large.

They come in the form of “brass” knuckles. Karambits are among the most versatile and efficient tactical knives available. They come in many different blade shapes and a variety of materials. Their handles can be coated in rubber, textured, and ergonomically designed.

Although a few OTF knife designs can be standard for everyday tasks. Many OTF knives are designed to help with specific needs. Just like all OTF knives are not the same, neither are all cuts that need to be made. 

The Best OTF Knife from TacKnives


At TacKnives, we know how important it is to choose a knife that will provide you with the durability and efficiency needed for everyday tasks. That’s why we are 100 percent committed to helping you find the best OTF knife that will be the perfect fit for your unique needs.

TacKnives are designed in-house and tested against humidity before undergoing a rigorous strike test and heat tamper test. This ensures that each piece that is purchased is of the best quality.

If you’re searching for the best OTF knife for your everyday use, then make sure you check out our catalog today.

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