The Basic Anatomy of OTF Knives

It might sound really trivial, but it is crucial to check every component before you buy OTF knives. They aren’t simple tools and include a complex mechanism and a lot of other factors in them. While the terminology is hard to remember, knife collectors and enthusiasts, know it the best. It is, however, important to know a few terms so that you can check for them and the functions that they play when you look for automatic knives for sale. Let’s go through the glossary of terms you regularly hear when you talk about or go to buy automatic knives.The A-B-C of Automatic Knives

To start, what you must know about knives is that not all of them have one blade. Just like a double-edged sword, knives also have a sharp side and a side that is neither sharp nor dull. Now that we have kept that aside, let’s focus on what the definition of the two major parts of a knife – the blade and the handle are like. 
The Blade
Conventional knowledge states that a blade is the flat and sharp portion of a weapon that can be used for cutting. What is striking is the fact that various factors form a blade, including individual construction. If we are talking about a single-edged knife, the unsharpened side will be called the back of the knife. The portion that has been crushed to an edge is named the bevel and the rest below the edge, found at the base, usually unsharpened, is called the choil. 

Basic Anatomy of OTF Knives

The process of opening the blade from the knife is known as deployment, and once you do so, you see the edge, also known to be the sharpened part of the blade. The front is the part that has the highest edge. Grind is how the way the bevel and the edge have been applied. There are three types of grinds – flat, saber, and hollow. Retention is about how long can a blade keep the edge. Ricasso is the part right before the handle, near the choil.
A vital part of the blade is the steel that has been used to manufacture it. The hard and durable alloy, mixed with iron and other elements, is a significant component of the blade. If you are looking forward to buy OTF knives online, you will also be able to see blades made of carbon steel and stainless steel.
The Handle
From far, it might look like just another element, but the handle has an equal contribution to making automatic knives worth it. Imagine a situation when it is raining heavily, and you take out your knife to use it, but since the handle is not well-made, you lose your grip and hurt yourself in the process. To ensure that this doesn’t happen, there are a few terms that you should know.
A Bolster is a metal junction which acts as the meeting point of the handle and the blade. The joining point where a pivot pin is used is also known as a knife’s joint. If you see any material that has been embedded, you are looking at an inlay. Similar to the back of a blade, the metal piece that extends the length of the handle to fold knives is named the knife’s spine. 
The lock is the option that keeps the blade at the same time and doesn’t let it dislodge anytime. You can also affix your knives to your pockets or belts with the help of a pocket clip. The entire mechanism of automatic and OTF knives work on a spring which is used to give pressure to either keep a blade closed, or deploy it. 
Conclusion : Now that you are aware of the knife dictionary, it would not be tough for you to buy OTF knives even if it is online. Look for the following options mentioned above and what are the features these options provide you. Tacknives, a USA based online retailer, presents automatic knives for sale on the website. The distinctive catalog stocks large, medium, and mini sizes of OTF knives which you can choose from. Check out the Tacknives website for more.

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