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Purchase a New Out the Front Knife

Signs It’s Time to Purchase a New Out the Front Knife

If you like being in the great outdoors or you’re just someone who considers themselves a handyman, chances are you’re the one with the out the front knife. Carrying one around allows you to get things done quickly, but like most things, OTF knives dwindle in functionality over time.

Find out when you need to replace your trusty, all-around tool:

Sign #1 The knife has gotten rusty

An out the front knife rusts quicker than expected in humid areas such as the coastline. Rust can disrupt the blade and the knife’s mechanism, making usual tasks challenging or, in some cases, dangerous.

A rusty blade can also cause contamination if you use it for hunting and fishing and infection if it cuts into your skin.

Proper maintenance such as cleaning and lubrication can prevent rust in the mechanism. However, if it’s too late and the rust has spread, it’s time to get a new OTF knife.

Sign #2 The release mechanism is jammed

OTF knives’ spring mechanism uses an incredible amount of force, consequently wearing out the frame and all components with repeated use. With frequent exposure to the elements, contaminants such as dust and salt water can accumulate inside your knife’s mechanism, which jams the button and lock.

You’ll find that with most cheap, low-quality OTF knives, the release mechanism gets jammed in just a few uses. It’ll serve you better to invest in a high-quality product with higher upfront costs but with a much longer service life.

Sign #3 The release spring has lost tension

If you notice that your out-the-front knife releases slower than it used to, or if the blade does not fully lock when engaged, the release spring may have lost its tension.

While this is a common issue with OTF knives, it’s definitely not something you should ignore. You wouldn’t want to be in a life-or-death situation with a knife and faulty spring mechanism.

So if you notice any changes in the release spring mechanism, even if it seems insignificant, it’s best to repair the spring or replace your knife.

Sign #4 The blade no longer retracts

Many OTF knife owners absently play with the blade release mechanism: the most hard-working component of the knife. Constant (and unnecessary) blade retraction exposes the item to contaminants such as dirt, undermining the mechanism that makes it work.

Sometimes, you can fix the problem by disassembling the knife and using a microfiber cloth to clean the inside to restore the mechanism. In more extreme cases of wear and tear, where cleaning it won’t help, consider tossing it and buying a brand-new out the front knife.

Sign #5 There’s a better knife on the market

Manufacturers continue to find ways to improve the mechanism and build of out-the-front knives, from durability to functionality. So even if your current OTF knife is serving you okay, you will find a better one from TacKnives.

Sign #6 You haven’t heard of TacKnives

TacKnives is where you can find high-quality OTF knives minus the high price, which you’ll be proud to carry and recommend to others.

We produce our OTF knives in small batches and test them rigorously. On top of that, here are some of what you can expect from TacKnives:

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Check out the hot sellers from our TK Pro series, made from first-rate materials such as M380 or D2 steel for blades. Perhaps it’s time to replace your faulty knife with one of ours.

If you have questions about OTF knives, you can send us a message or call us at 281-668-8677, and our team will get back to you shortly.

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