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OTF Knives For The Office

OTF Knives For The Office

I work at a desk job

Being surrounded by high-visibility, blue-collar workers means seeing our knives in action is easy. It’s apparent that the MD3DPS is perfect for cutting string trimmer line and we already know that the MD8T can provide precise performance for activities like stripping wire and notching wood for electricians.

But what about the individuals who aren’t out in the elements all day, every day? Some of our favorite team members have desk jobs. We’re talking about our accountant, our social media manager, our website developer, and so on.

Even if you’re not in the outdoors and you spend much of your time in the office, our OTF knife range offers something for everyone. In the past, we even had a customer tell us how he loved the TK PRO Stinger DP at his office, and it got us thinking — What other knives would be great to serve those who work at desk jobs? 

Below, we delve into a list of our top picks for knives that are perfect for the office.   


The TKP01 is the number one office necessity. Writing utensil on one end, and letter opener on the other. It also comes with two refillable black-ink cartridges. The total length on this pen is just under eight inches, making it a versatile knife to take to the office. 


The handle on the Stinger DP is just under four inches. When, retracted the blade will fit comfortably in a drawer, your pocket, or a pen cup. Fully deployed, this OTF knife reaches just under six inches. The drop point blade makes it versatile and ideal for office-related uses.

The curved belly of the blade is perfect for opening letters and large envelopes. The tip of the blade is ideal for piercing or puncturing the foil on a fresh creamer bottle, for a well-deserved cup of coffee on the busier days.


Those who work in retail are often in need of a dynamic OTF knife. The Stinger T is perfect for retail because of its small stature. With the handle measuring less than four inches, this inconspicuous knife will not shock or surprise incoming customers.

When fully deployed, the Stinger T is under six inches with a tanto blade. The two-point four-inch Tanto blade makes this a handy knife for opening packages. It’s not too big to slice into the product within the package but perfectly sized to get the job done.


TacKnives offers several money clip knives to choose from. If you are into bright colors, you will want to have a look at MT11 OTF money clip knives. If you’re more of a metal finish fan, we recommend browsing through our TK PRO Wasp collection.

Both the MT11 and the TK PRO WASPS are excellent knives for office work. They double as a money clip giving you a two-for-one feature. They are discreet, won’t draw negative attention, and are designed to fit comfortably both in your pocket and your hand. Can’t find a pencil sharpener? Grab your OTF Money Clip knife.

Choose From Our Range of OTF Knives Perfect For Everyday Office Use

No matter what your profession, OTF knives are essential and multi-faceted tools to have on hand at any desk job. Whether you work in retail and are looking to make opening packages easier and more efficient, or simply need an all-round knife for everyday use, our range of OTF knives won’t leave you unsatisfied. Browse our collection today. 

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