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Maximize Your Expectations With These 4 Automatic Knives

Automatic Knives

If you are an ardent machirologist ( someone who is fond of collecting knives), adding a new switchblade or an automatic knife to your knife collection is definitely a fact to be proud about. There may be others who are looking for the best switchblade and OTF knivesto meet their self-defence needs in the most efficient and convenient manner.

Automatic Knives

Among the varied range of switchblades, OTF and automatic knives available with your dealer, which automatic knives are the best for you? Here is a guide:-

Stainless Steel Assisted Opening Automatic Knife- With a complete black body, this knife is considered to be a well-designed knife with high powers of durability and strength. The part that makes the knife strong and durable is the blade that is composed of 4034 Black Oxide S.S. It is slightly indented at the lower side which makes it ideal for multi-purpose use. In addition, the knife is also known to be safe as the handle (made of aluminium) has an extra coating of rubber on the underside to grip the knife comfortably. The knife comes with sleek features like a thumb plate and a glass breaker at the tool’s rear portion. To ensure the knife doesn’t slip away easily from your hand, the knife comes with a liner and a safety lock. Overall, this knife will satisfy you if you are searching for a durable, strong and good-looking automatic knife.

Infidel OTF Double Action Automatic Knife– Many knife purchasers are very fond of having this knife in their possession. The reason? For its incomparable features and distinguished workings making it easy and safe to use. This knife type is perfect for right-hand users and is perfect for planned usage, just like what you see in action movies! It has a black handle with a gripping portion colored in grey. The blade is made of steel with a spear-pronged top and also has a double edge while strong aluminium is used to make the handle hard as nails. Releasing this automatic knife is easy as it is based on the sliding technique; the handle offers a comfortable grip and ensures no slipping away. The knife is created with the pocket clip feature, making it easy to carru and attach.

Pocket Folding Automatic Knife – This knife is again a favourite among knife users as it is the best bet that you can get at such an affordable price. You may fall in love with the appealing looks of knife because of its sleek features with both the handle and the blade colored in black. This knife also offers convenient storage because of the presence of a monostatic clip. The knife is known for offering convenient grip to its users, based on the formula of reverse and direct. Besides, the handle is composed of aircraft-grade aluminium and has a mechanical fuse that prevents the knife from opening accidentally. What makes this knife a best-seller is not only its handsome features but also characteristics like anti-rust properties, durability and the power of remaining sharp for longer time.

Viper 3- If you are looking for an automatic knife that has ornamental looks from outside but highly productive, you must go for Viper 3. This knife ideally serves your self-defense requirements and also comes with a unique and intricate design. Some of the features that differentiates this knife from its other switchblade companions are: window breaker tip, safety locking procedure, pocket clip to carry it securely and many more.

Conclusion– Thus if you have been thinking that switchblade and OTF knives offer too less variation and choices, banish such thoughts! These are just a few types, you can get many more options from your trusted automatic knife seller.

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