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Lesser Known Knife Sharpening Tips To Keep Your Blade Pristine


Are you a knife lover? Whether its single action, double action, or out-the-front (OTF) knives you collect, the value of having one in your pocket goes a long way. If you look back at the nation’s history, knives forged a deep connection with the American people. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why millions of Americans love and collect knives. Since time immemorial, people also looked to sharpen their knives. Today, you can even put up a knife-sharpening business and make good money. But did you know that there are unconventional and less-popular knife sharpening tips?

Continue reading below and sharpen knives in ways you never thought possible.

The Importance of Sharpening Your Knives

Knife ownership comes with the need to care for your knives. And one of the main elements of knife care is sharpening. Leaving your knives unsharpened can cause danger.

Since your knife doesn’t cut seamlessly, it requires more pressure on your end. This may cause the knife to slip from your hands. As a result, you may accidentally cut your fingers or hit other parts of your body.

Furthermore, sharpening your knife promotes ergonomic health. It keeps you away from wrist problems like tendonitis and carpal tunnel. 

Most importantly, sharpening allows you to maximize the full potential of your knives. 

Knife Sharpening Tips Not Everyone Knows Of

There are many ways to ensure your knives are sharp and in excellent condition. Of course, you can hire the services of a professional knife sharpener. And there are also the latest knife sharpeners available in the market.

But what if none of them are readily available and you need to sharpen your knife ASAP? Here are some interesting knife sharpening tips that are unique but effective.

Your Coffee Mug

Believe it or not, you can use your trusty coffee mug at home to sharpen your knives. Take one of your older mugs from the kitchen cabinet. Most of the older mugs feature a sharp circular bottom. 

It is best if you can find a mug with a rough surface. This is what you will use to sharpen your knife. 

Flip the mug upside down and secure it on top of a table. Ensure that the table’s surface is not slippery. 

Now, hold your knife and place it over the mug’s rough surface. You want to hold it at a 10-degree angle. Start stroking the blade at its full length. 

The key is to be mindful of the angle. You need to sustain it throughout the stroking motion. After enough strokes, flip the knife to sharpen the other side.

If you don’t have an old mug, try a bowl or ceramic plate. As long as the bottom portion is rough, you’ll be fine.

Another Knife

You can also use another knife at home for sharpening. But you want both knives to be slightly blunt at the very least. Though some people discourage this method, it is because they are doing it the wrong way.

Never use the blades of the two knives for sharpening. Instead, use the back of the other knife to sharpen the blade of the other.

Using your left hand, hold the knife that you wish to sharpen. Hold the other using your right hand and position both knives with both of their blades facing right.

Place the knife on your right hand against the blade of the one on your left. Make sure to position it at a 10-degree angle. Stroke the blade of the knife on your left hand.

Make sure the direction of your strokes is going away from you. Repeat on the other side of the blade of the knife on your left.

Your Car Window

If you need to sharpen your knife and you happen to be inside your car, your car window should do the trick. The part that you will use is the edge of the window. It will serve as a sharpening rod of sorts.

Unlike other parts of the car window, the edge is rough, which is what you need to sharpen your knife. Start by opening the window halfway. This will give you enough clearance to hold the knife properly.

Like with the mug and knife methods, position your knife at a 10-degree angle. Make sure the blade is facing away from you.

Perform the same stroking motion as you would with the mug. Work on both sides until the edge becomes sharp.

The Brick

If you don’t have a sharpening stone at home, your next closest bet is a brick. Make sure the brick is not too rough. Go for one that comes with a fine-grit texture.

Get a little bit of water and moisten the brick’s surface. With the blade facing away from you, position your knife at a 10-degree angle against the brick. Drag your knife’s edge away while maintaining the angle.

Make sure you cover your knife’s full length. Do the same thing on the other side of the knife until it feels sharp. 

Your Leather Belt

Your leather belt is one of the oddest items you can use to sharpen your knife. Check your closet and pull out one of your older belts. Older belts have rough straps compared to newer ones.

You may also use an old leather strap as an alternative.

Place your belt over a table. Still using the 10-degree angle, place your knife over the belt. Make sure the blade is facing your direction.

Start dragging the belt away from you in a smooth stroke. Be sure to maintain the 10-degree angle. Also, make sure to cover the blade’s full length.

After 10 to 15 minutes of stroking, flip your knife to the other side. Do the same thing as you did with the first side.

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Through these lesser-known but effective knife sharpening tips, you can ensure your knives’ performance if the moment doesn’t present you with a conventional sharpening method. And if you’re looking to invest in quality knives, we can get you the best ones without hurting your wallet.

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