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Titanium and Aluminum, A Tough Combination

When looking at our first TacKnives TK PRO WASP COLLECTION knife, you will notice:

  •         Sleek design
  •         Textured details
  •         Multiple colors
  •         High Shine

Those things are all important to making a beautiful knife. However, to be a true EDC (Everyday Carry), we must make it:

  •         Durable
  •         Wear resistant
  •         Tough
  •         Protected from corrosion.

How do we do that? We use high quality, premium materials, and craft a sharp combination of beauty and brawns. Let’s cut to it.

In a premium knife, you should expect a premium handle. For our TK PRO WASP OTF knife, we used a combination of Titanium and Aluminum. Both aluminum and titanium can be anodized for a premium look with a dual purpose, protection. Anodized is:
An electrochemical process that converts the metal surface into a decorative yet durable, corrosion-resistant, anodic oxide finish.

Having the handle Anodized, it provides a corrosion-resistant handle with extra hardness. That means the knife is protected from oxygen, moisture, and daily wear and tear; ultimately limiting its ability to rust. Titanium on its own is extremely highly corrosion-resistance already, but the anodization gives it more protection.

Ever heard of the saying “it is quality you can feel”? Aluminum is a low-density metal allowing for a hefty feel, a feeling of quality, without weighing the knife down. Titanium is extremely lightweight. The two metals combined make the perfect handle for a super premium knife. 

The weight balance of the two metals combined is extremely important in crafting a premium knife. Too light and your knife will be hard to control. Too heavy. and your knife will be hard to control. A hard-to-control knife is an unsafe knife. A handle-heavy knife does not mean a heavy knife, it simply means that the majority of the knife’s weight will be found in the handle. For shorter blades, such as the first TK PRO WASP, you will find unbelievable control, especially with intricate or detailed cuts.

The shape of the new TK PRO WASP is not just for looks but for grip. Its wide and thin frame allows for comfortable handling. (Handling, no pun intended, speaking of handling though…) Titanium and Aluminum can both be slippery in grip with their naturally smooth surfaces. The texture details on the first TK PRO WASP are not just for looks.  The texture detail allows for a better grip, again adding to your overall control of the knife.

Both Aluminum and Titanium deliver an outstanding performance of exterior toughness. But they are not indestructible. Depending on the use of your knife, which we hope is often, you will find it will wear over time. For example, if your knife gets left out in the rain and then exposed to oxygen a.k.a. left out to dry in the sun, it will rust. The good news though, both titanium and aluminum are easy to buff out. Making them user-friendly to take care of.

It is an automatic yes for us to use the combination of titanium and aluminum for our TK PRO WASP. The premium materials make it the perfect combination to deliver the reliability, craftsmanship, quality, and high wear you should be looking for in a premium knife.

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