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Custom OTF Knives: The Distinctive Collection’s Features

custom otf knives

Are you looking for a new knife that offers more than just functionality? Something unique?Have you thought about custom made OTF knives?

An Out-the-Front (OTF) knife is a type of automatic knife. The blade comes out the front of the handle when you activate a switch or button.

OTF knives are well-suited for hobbies and outdoor activities. You can use them for self-defense. Collectors also value OTF knives.

Most states now allow possession of OTF knives. It’s time to add one of these distinctive knives to your collection.

When you’re looking for custom OTF knives, look no further than the TacKnives Distinctive Collection. Find out more about what makes these knives unique. You’ll be ready to choose your next OTF knife.

Type of Steel

Our Distinctive Collection has OTF knives with blades made from steel that ranges from more economical to premium. You’ll find a blade that fits your budget and how you want to use your knife.

Good Grades

Basic grades of stainless steel blades give you good value. A few examples are 440A, 3Cr13, and 7Cr13MoV.

These grades tend to be softer than higher grades of steel. They hold an edge, though, and you can sharpen them easily. Other properties include good corrosion resistance and toughness.

Better Grades

Better grades of steel have a higher percentage of chromium. Some examples are 9Cr18MoV and 440C. They hold an edge well and need less maintenance.

Other properties of these grades include very good wear resistance and corrosion resistance. Knife blades made from these grades of steel hold up well for everyday use.


D2 is a high-performance steel alloy. People often refer to it as stainless steel, but it technically isn’t. Its chromium content is one percentage point less than the official classification for stainless steel.

D2 has a high wear resistance as well as good hardness and toughness.

Damascus Steel

You’ll recognize Damascus steel by the wavy patterns in the metal. Many people value Damascus steel for its beauty.

In addition, it’s hard but flexible. It maintains a sharp edge.

Our blades are real Damascus steel. Don’t be fooled by knives with blades that are etched with a light and dark pattern. The pattern will wear away, and the blade won’t have the characteristics of genuine Damascus steel.

You can be confident in the quality of all the blades in our Distinctive Collection.

Type of Blade Edge

The majority of the OTF knives in our Distinctive Collection have straight edge or double straight edge blades.

A straight edge cuts cleanly. These blades are versatile and useful in many situations. Sharpening them is straightforward.

Some knives are also available with a serrated edge. A serrated edge cuts through difficult materials more easily.

Sharpening serrated edges is more complicated. They stay sharp longer than straight edges, though, so you won’t need to sharpen them as often.

Blade Shape

The Distinctive Collection gives you the choice of several blade shapes for your OTF knife. Each shape gives you certain advantages.

Drop Point

Drop point blades have a lowered tip. A downward curve from the spine to the tip lets the tip be thicker. You can control the tip more easily.

The drop point is one of the most common blade shapes. These knives are very versatile and good for general-purpose use.

Spear Point

Spear point blades are double-edged. The blade is symmetrical with the tip in the center. The point is strong but also sharp enough for piercing.


Samurai swords in feudal Japan inspired the Tanto blade. Two straight edges joined together give it an angular shape. It has a strong, prominent point.

This durable tip makes Tanto blades very good for piercing tougher materials.


Our OTF Italian stilettos have a classic bayonet blade. The back of the blade has a false edge for half its length. These blades are ideal for thrusting rather than cutting.

Blade Size

Blade size is certainly a matter of personal taste. However, the size of the blade determines the types of jobs the knife can handle easily.

Smaller blades are good for everyday tasks. People usually choose larger blades for outdoor and other heavy-duty applications.

The Distinctive Collection includes knives in a variety of sizes.

The smallest OTF knife in the Distinctive Collection is the Firecracker Single Action Mini HSV5T, which has a total length of only 4.72 inches. At the other end of the scale, our Double Action Italian Stilettos measure a full 11 inches when deployed.

Handle Materials

The handle is an extremely important part of an OTF knife. It protects the blade when the knife is closed. In addition, it’s your point of contact with the knife.

Our aircraft-grade aluminum handles are extremely strong and light. You’ll find several of our OTC knives with T6-6061 aluminum handles. T6-6061 is a hard oxidation material. It’s stronger than some types of stainless steel, and it’s incredibly light.

You’ll also find aluminum alloy paired with carbon fiber. This combination reduces the weight without sacrificing strength. Even a medium or large-sized knife won’t feel heavy.

The other handles in our Distinctive Collection use aviation-grade zinc alloy. This material is very strong, lightweight, and durable.

Single-Action or Double-Action

The Distinctive Collection includes single-action and double-action OTF knives. A single-action knife has a spring mechanism to open the blade. You close the blade manually.

Double-action OTF knives use a spring mechanism to open and close. Usually you push and pull the same control switch in different directions to deploy and retract the knife.

Dual Spring Technology

Our new dual spring technology gives you consistent firing and extremely fast deployment. The trigger is on the side of the knife where your thumb naturally rests. You can open the knife more quickly.

The trigger action is smooth but crisp.

Additional Features

Several additional features make the knives in our Distinctive Collection even more well-suited for everyday carry (EDC). Almost all of our knives have a ballistic glass breaker. They will easily break a normal window.

Our OTF knives come with a pocket clip. Most of our pocket clips are stainless steel, which gives you durability and security. You have quick access to your knife.

Precision Fabrication

Some of our knives feature precision CNC construction for the handle. Computer numerical control (CNC) is a manufacturing process that uses pre-programmed computer software to control the factory tools and machines. It’s more accurate and precise than manual methods.

CNC machines make the exterior and interior of the knife handle as well as the operating components. This ensures that the handle and the blade fit perfectly together. These knives have minimal play.

Custom OTF Knives Designed for Everyday Carry

We design the handles of our OTF knives to feel good in your hand and give you the best possible performance. This makes our knives ideal for EDC. You’ll appreciate the ergonomics and grip of our handles.

The OTF knife handles are expertly balanced, so they feel natural in your hand.

We use a variety of techniques to give you a good grip surface. Some of our handles incorporate carbon fiber, which gives you more grip than a metal alloy alone.

Other models have a Dura-Tech rubber coating. In addition to better grip, this coating makes the handle feel warmer and less slippery in your hand.

A final technique for our Distinctive Collection OTF knives is texturing the handle. A variety of grooved designs add to the visual appeal of these knives as well as increasing the grip.


All of our OTF knives have a built-in safety. The blade won’t fully open if anything is in the way.

Once the knife is in safety mode, you have to reset it. Pulling the blade into its locking position will make it fully functional again.

Specialty Designs

If you’re looking for custom made OTF knives that add something new to your collection, take a look at our brass knuckle and Italian stiletto knives. They’re unique but still practical.

Brass Knuckle Knives

The MTUB1 and MTU6 combine brass knuckles and an OTF knife. Brass knuckle knives are a two-in-one weapon that developed in WWI. They maintain their usefulness today as a self-defense weapon.

Italian Stilettos

The Distinctive Collection includes 9-inch and 11-inch OTF Italian stilettos. These knives give you the iconic look of an Italian stiletto. You have a variety of handle finishes to choose from.

Our Italian stilettos are conversation starters. Their smooth action and durable construction make them practical as well.

Choosing Your Next OTF Knife

The TacKnives Distinctive Collection has a range of custom OTF knives to fit your needs and budget. Discover why so many of our customers say our knives are an exceptional value.

We back our knives with a lifetime warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee. You can order with confidence.

Shop our Distinctive Collection today. Your next OTF knife is waiting!

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  1. Looking for a quality otf with stainless or titanium handles. Zinc or aluminum is all I can find.

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