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Choosing Double Action OTF Knives

Choosing Double Action Knife

Choosing Double Action OTF Knives

How do you choose the double action OTF knife that will be right for you? For starters, there might not be just one double action knife that’s the perfect fit for you. Being in a relationship with OTF knife connoisseurship isn’t always monogamous.

However, if you’re looking to be a knife user and not an expert, then keep reading. Specific tasks require you to use specific knives. Let’s have a look at some of the unique applications for double action OTF knives.

Double Action Knives for Weak Hands

Arthritis, inflammation, and skin irritation can all affect the use and strength of your hands. By design, the primary function of an OTF knife is to cut, using your hands. If you have a lack of strength in your hands, finding a knife that works for you doesn’t have to be a painful process. 

Although double action OTF knives were not designed specifically for lack of hand strength, they are certainly the best knives to use if you have weak hands. Why? Double action OTF knives are intended to be used with one hand. In addition to this, double action knives require little effort from the handler, making them suitable for those with less hand strength. 

We suggest the MT2 if you have weaker hands. The handle is coated in an industrial rubber coating and textured with a triangle pattern to help with grip. A coated and textured grip is a must-have for hands that are not able to grip firmly on a knife. 

Another great option is the BCS. This OTF knife is ergonomically designed for optimal hand comfort, with the addition of a non-slip handle. This makes the BCS ideal for those with a weaker set of hands. Plus, it also looks cool.

Double Action Knives for Repeated Daily Careful Cuts

If your main purpose for your OTF knife involves repeated and precise cuts, then the Wasp OTF knife is the one for you.

Head to the TK PRO section of our website and find yourself a Wasp with a design that you like. All TK Pro Wasp options are the only option in this case. Here’s why:

  • The Wasp is a double action knife, which means it both deploys and retracts with the same motion. Like all double action OTF knives, the Wasp is designed to be used with one hand.
  • The blade length of 3.31 inches is small enough to not scratch or cut contents inside a box or package.
  • The length of the blade allows the handler to make precise and controlled cuts for more detailed needs.
  • The high-quality M390 or 154CM blade steel can be used repeatedly and requires low maintenance.
  • The rectangular, low-profile design can fit comfortably in a pocket when not in use. This design also allows for easy concealment. Concealment is not just to hide that you have a knife. It’s also safer in a high-movement job as it means your knife will not catch on any objects in your surroundings. 
  • The rectangular design also allows for a comfortable hold in your palm. Constant use of the knife will not feel uncomfortable or become painful.

Double Action OTF Knives for Outdoor Environments

This is for the hunters, campers, hikers, and our folk who are off the grid. A double action knife is your essential tool. Again, a double action OTF knife is meant to be used with one hand, allowing you to cut things like netting, paracord, and whatever else nature puts in your way.

Look for a multipurpose blade that is resistant to rust or easy to restore. Having a multipurpose blade allows you to both saw or slice, whilst having a rust-resistant and easy-to-restore blade that can handle the different elements that you might encounter.

We would suggest finding a handle that is either coated in an industrial rubber or textured, depending on the elements you’re encountering. Cold climates call for a rubber coating. Dry or warmer climates require a textured handle.

The MT3DEH or the MD3DES are the knives of choice if you’re the outdoorsy type. 


Small and Easy-to-Use EDC Knives

Look no further than the TK PRO Stinger. This double action OTF firecracker is small enough to place in a handbag, wristlet, briefcase, or backpack compartment, but mighty enough to take on random, everyday cuts. Made with high-quality materials and crafted for durability, this is a no-brainer.

Looking for something that looks just as cool as it is useful?

Here we go. 

The MTU19 is not only useful, as Karambit’s were originally designed to be a farm tool, it has a dark-sided history and one mean-looking blade. 

The MTU6 is another knife for the history buffs. Without boring you with the details of wars our forefathers fought in, the MTU6 has one heck of a reputation and is rated five stars by our customers.

The STXLB1 stretches out to 13 inches and is also among our favorites in the small and easy-to-use category. 

The Best OTF Knife from TacKnives

At TacKnives, we know how important it is to choose a knife that will provide you with the durability and efficiency needed for everyday tasks. That’s why we are 100 percent committed to helping you find the best OTF knife that will be the perfect fit for your unique needs.

TacKnives are designed in-house and tested against humidity before undergoing a rigorous strike test and heat tamper test. This ensures that each piece that is purchased is of the best quality.

Contact us if you have any questions on what would be the best double action OTF knife for you, or take a look at our catalog and browse for yourself.

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