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Big Impact In a Small Package: Why You Should Carry a Mini OTF Knife

mini otf knife

Imagine this: you’re out camping, and you need a sharp object so you can cut some wood. You haven’t brought much on this trip, but there is one handy object you have – a mini OTF knife. 

A mini OTF isn’t useful only for camping. It’s useful in a variety of situations, giving you the solution you need that’s either practical or related to self-defense. Without an OTF knife, you might find yourself in many situations where you don’t have a solution to your problem.

Depending on the problem you have, you might end up in a life-threatening situation. That’s why it’s so important to have an OTF knife.

But what are the other reasons why you should carry an OTF knife? In this article, we’ll cover them, so you know whether you should carry an OTF knife.

Finally, you’ll know how to use this knife in a variety of situations, so you can be both safe and practical. Read on to learn more.

Box Cutting With a Mini OTF Knife

Whether you prefer a mini OTF stiletto or a mini carbon OTF, one of the most impressive features of a mini OTF knife is that you can use it for box cutting. If you work at a job where you’re constantly opening boxes (at a mailroom, for example), it can be incredibly useful.

If you’re in the middle of moving, this can also be a useful tool to have around. It’ll cut down the time you spend cutting boxes.

This is in large part because you can cut through them with only one hand, which means your other hand is free to hold down the box.


If you enjoy going out hunting, then a mini OTF knife is a great tool for you to take with you. Once you’ve hunted down your prey, you can easily skin and cut it up with your knife. If you’re saving the skin to make into a rug, then being able to skin the animal immediately is useful.

Additionally, if you plan on eating the animal after you’ve hunted it, then it’s way easier to use the mini OTF knife than another kind of knife. Because it’s small, you can easily maneuver it along the flesh of the animal.

The size is also useful because it won’t weigh you down when you’re out on your hunting expedition.

Letter Opening

Another use for a mini OTF knife is opening letters. With other knives, they’re far too big for doing this carefully. They might also be dangerous to use since they’re sharp but not easy to handle. With an OTF knife, however, it’s the perfect size for opening letters.

If you’re in a situation where you’re opening many letters at once, it’s helpful to have an OTF knife so that your hands and wrists don’t ache after a while.

Fishing Trips

When you go on a fishing trip, there’s only so much you can take on the boat with you. You’ve already got your fishing buddies on there with you, your fishing poles, the rest of your gear…it doesn’t make sense to bring a whole set of knives so you can fillet the fish later.

With a mini OTF knife, you can fillet a whole salmon! Because this knife is both sharp and small, it makes it incredibly useful for even the most intricate of tasks, such as this one.

Cooking the salmon over a fire later? You can use the OTF knife to cut the wood, too. Additional benefits include that you can use this type of knife to remove hooks and cut lines.


Speaking of camping…there are many camping situations when it’s useful to have an OTF knife around. In addition to cutting wood, you can cut ropes if you need to make a makeshift tent. Also, imagine unexpectedly finding yourself in a scary situation.

Maybe a bear has come into camp and you need to protect yourself against it. Or maybe some strangers have come by who seemed friendly at first, but who you now realize want to steal some of your gear.

Whatever scary situation you find yourself in in the middle of the night in the middle of the woods, you can use an OTF knife to protect yourself. The best part? Because it’s small, your assailant won’t notice it.

Kitchen and Food Uses

Even though you might have many different knives in the kitchen, it can be useful to use your mini OTF knife in the kitchen. It can be used for many everyday uses, such as cutting bread, vegetables, and meat. Let’s say you’re helping a friend move in.

If they don’t have their kitchen fully set up yet, you can help them cook something with your mini OTF knife.

Another situation where you can use your mini OTF knife for food is if you’re out of the house preparing food. For example, if you’re out for a picnic with your family, you can easily use this knife to cut up some snacks for the kids.

Window Breaker

A mini OTF knife is useful in many emergencies, and needing to break your car’s window is one of these. You can easily use the back of the knife to break the window. If you need to get in because you were locked out, then you can easily do this.

If you need to get out of your car after a crash, your mini OTF knife could save your life. To be sure that you’re safe when doing this, check out these tips on what to do after you’ve been in a car accident.

Self Defense Benefits

Ideally, you will never find yourself in a situation where you’re assaulted unexpectedly by someone. However, if you do find yourself in a situation where this occurs, you want to use the best knife possible to protect yourself, such as the best mini OTF knife.

Safe Button to Use

Many assisted opener knives require you to put pressure on the blade so that the opening mechanism will work. As a result, you need to put more effort in when using this type of knife. When you’re in a life-threatening situation, you need a knife that requires less effort.

This is where the mini OTF knife comes in. Because it has a button that you simply press, it will come out fast and without too much effort on your part. The knife-engaging button is literally a lifesaver.


When you’re using a knife for self-defense, you need to make sure that it’s reliable. If there’s the possibility that it might fall apart in the middle of you using it, then your assailant will have a clear advantage, putting your life at risk.

Fortunately, mini OTF knives are designed to withstand tough conditions and be durable. Usually, they’re made of aluminum, metal, or stainless steel. These are all strong materials that will last a long time.

OTF Technology Doesn’t Require Grip Adjusting

Other types of knives used for self-defense, such as flippers or assisted opener knives, require you to adjust the grip you have on the knife after the blade has come out. With a mini OTF, however, you barely have to adjust the grip you have on the switchblade.

As a result, you can use this knife much more quickly. This means more safety for you.

Easy to Hide (But Also a Deterrent)

Because the mini OTF knife is so small, you can hide it easily, which means your assailant will have no idea where that knife came from. This gives you an advantage when you find yourself being assaulted. At the same time, this knife is a deterrent.

By simply pulling it out, you might be able to scare away the assailant. No one needs to get hurt in this case, and you still get home safe. For additional tips on how to protect yourself from an assailant, check them out here.

Need More Information?

Now that we’ve reviewed all the reasons why you should carry a mini OTF knife, you might need additional information. Maybe you want to find out about where you can find out a mini OTF knife for sale. Or maybe you want some help choosing the right type of OTF knife for you.

Whatever information you need, we can help. At TacKnives, we’re experts when it comes to mini OTF knives and all other types of knives. To learn more about how we can help you, contact us here.

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