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10 of the Best EDC Knives on the Market (And Why OTF Knives Are Best)

best edc knives

If you’re interested in pocket knives, then you’ve probably wondered: “What’re the best EDC knives to carry?”

For those of you who are newer to the world of knives, EDC stands for “everyday carry.” These are knives that you keep on your person throughout the day. They come in all styles and purposes, from boxcutters to self-defense tools.

When most people think of EDC knives, they usually have fold-out knives in mind. These are the most common type of pocket knife, requiring two hands to open and often with a locking mechanism. 

Folding knives are a decent asset, but they’re not always the most convenient. You may be in a situation where you need to open a knife, but don’t have both hands free. Opening these knives may also take longer than necessary.

For these reasons and others, we want to suggest that OTF (out the front) knives are your best option for EDC knives. These knives are more convenient and feature all the standard blade designs of a folding knife.

In this article, we’ll run through the reasons why these knives are perfect for everyday carry. We’ll also suggest some affordable models for you to investigate!

Why OTF Knives Are the Best EDC Knives

So, you may be wondering, why are OTF knives the best knives for everyday carry? First and foremost, you can’t beat their convenience.

OTF knives, or out the front knives, store their blades inside their handles. Folding knives, however, fold partially into their handles. Because they are stored differently, they also open differently. 

OTF knives open either by the press of a button or the slide of a mechanism. This means you can open your knife with only one hand and with virtually no effort.

Types of Blades

In addition to convenience, there is another advantage to OTF knives. These knives feature all the same blade types as folding knives. Each of these blade types has specific bonuses that make them practical for several purposes.

Spear Points

These are common blades for several types of pocket knives. You’ve probably seen them on Swiss army knives. The spines and edges of these blades meet perfectly in the middle, giving them a durable tip.

This makes spear points adept for thrusting purposes and pushing through various materials. 


Double-edged knife blades are best-suited to self-defense. Unfortunately, the sad reality is that knives are both weapons and tools. The time may come when you have to use the knife as a weapon.

Double-edged knives are excellent for both slashing and thrusting. The two edges give you a chance to cut with either side of the blade. Furthermore, the tip of the blade is durable for similar reasons as the spear point.

Because the edges meet symmetrically in the middle, the edges reinforce the tip and make the blade a powerful thrusting tool.

However, single-edged knives are safer for everyday use as they minimize the chances of accidentally cutting yourself.


These blades have a sharp, mostly straight edge that curves towards the tip to meet the spine. The spine, meanwhile, drops in angle progressively until it meets the tip of the blade. 

This knife type is tremendously versatile and a consistent design choice for both OTF and folding knives. If you’re looking for a sharp-edged blade and, this style is a strong choice. 

Fully Serrated Edge

This is a less common edge design for a variety of reasons. For one thing, in most cases, a straight-edge is far more effective at cutting various materials. Furthermore, straight edges are better-suited for self-defense.

After all, it’s much easier to cut someone with a swipe of the blade than to saw them with a serrated edge. 

However, serrated edges exist for a reason. They are an excellent choice for a lot of warehouse work, as they cut through tough materials like cardboard and twine with relative ease. 

If this is the sort of task you regularly do, then a serrated edge is perfect for you. 

Partially Serrated Edge

Partially serrated edges offer the best of both worlds between straight and serrated edges. Often, these blades have a serrated edge towards the base of the blade, then elongate into a smooth edge.

The exact proportion of smoothness and serration on the blade varies from knife to knife, but usually, more than half the blade remains straight. Many knives with this mixture utilize a drop-point or clip-point style.

Knives like this come in handy when you don’t often need serrated edges but occasionally find you have to cut through a cardboard box. Serration is a wiser choice for such tasks, as many of the materials that serrated blades can cut will wear down the edge of a smooth blade. 

10 Best EDC Knives

Now that you know something about the types of knife edges and styles, let’s talk about some of the best models on the market for EDC purposes. These knives are of excellent quality, and many of them are knives we carry ourselves!

Before we get into this further, though, we want to make a quick aside about legality. Different states and regions have varying laws about the legality of OTF knives.

As such, it may not be legal for you to carry these knives, even in areas that allow you to carry a folding knife.

1. Double Action Safety Knife OTF MD5DP

The MD5DP is an excellent, versatile choice of knives. Its total length comes in at 6.89 inches, with a blade 2.83 inches long. It’s a double-action knife because it opens and closes with the same button.

2. Double Action Safety Knife OTF MT11B Money-Clip

Not all EDC knives clip to your pocket. Sometimes, you may want to clip a knife to a more concealed place. Maybe there’s a particular object you want to keep guarded.

One of the most valuable things you carry on your person is money, whether it’s cash or your cards. 

This knife is an adept choice for guarding your money. This knife functions as a money clip, with a stout, tipped blade 1.96 inches in length.

3. MD3DE Double-Edged Blade

Having previously discussed the advantages and purposes of double-edged knives, this is an excellent tool to carry for self-defense. The blade is 2.68 inches long and crafted from 440C stainless steel, standard steel of durable quality.

This knife is also a double-action knife; you can open and close it through its mechanism. This makes the knife convenient and quick to open in a high-risk situation.

4. Italian Stiletto 9″ OTF STMB1

This is one of the best EDC knives under 100 dollars. While it is a large knife, its blade quality is outstanding. With its stainless steel craft and 4-inch blade, this knife is a stylish and efficient knife for everyday use. 

Furthermore, the knife features a bayonet-style blade with a firm edge, giving you extra stability when you’re cutting. 

5. MTU18DP 

This knife is renowned for its high precision and quality. It opens through a slide mechanism and features a blade that is 3.46 inches long. The handle length is comfortable, fitting the hand with relative ease at 4.92 inches in length.

The knife is also extremely light, weighing only 3.35 ounces. This lightweight is due to the body material, which skillfully utilizes carbon fiber and aircraft aluminum. The blade, meanwhile, is firm and powerful with a high carbon D2 steel craft.

This knife is one of our best EDC knives for under 200 dollars.

6. Firecracker SINGLE Action HSV5T

This is another one-of-a-kind knife with top-quality features. This mini knife functions very similarly to a switchblade knife and fits comfortably in your hand. Its ergonomic grip and 1.89-inch blade make it a practical choice.

7. MTU11G Double Action

This knife is a perfect choice for everyday carry. It is a little pricier, coming in at 129 dollars. However, this knife is worth its cost. With a total length of 11 inches, this knife has a perfectly balanced handle and a long, double-edged blade with high-carbon steel.

8. MTU5T

This knife features a beautiful Tanto-style blade with high-end Damascus steel and a fine finish. With a window breaker on its bottom side, this knife is a solid safety tool for everyday use and emergencies alike.

9. MD1DP

This knife possesses a single-edged blade of Damascus steel with its original surface patterns. With a sturdy clip for easy carry and a handle engineered for comfort, this knife is a sensible and affordable choice.

10. MD3DPS

This final knife has a drop-point blade, partially serrated for several types of everyday tasks. Its zinc alloy handle makes for a comfortable grip and its 2.87-inch blade offers just the sort of practicality you need.

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