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Why Try a Budget-Friendly Knife?

Why Try a Budget-Friendly Knife?

The OTF knife community has range. Range of companies. Range of opinions. Range of prices. If you are looking to hit the more budget-friendly range, look no further. TacKnives has you covered. Why are you or someone else looking to purchase at a more budget price point? Well, here is why.

#1. Sensibility in a beginner purchase

If you have always carried a folder or a fixed blade, the best place to start when trying your hand at an OTF knife is with a budget-friendly option. You can try a few different styles and sizes to see what works best for you without breaking the bank. Just like the world of folders and fixed blades, you can invest hundreds of dollars in an OTF.

However, you don’t have to; if you are just starting out, you shouldn’t. From a Firecracker to Large OTF,  we suggest you purchase a few different styles and let your hand tell you what is the most comfortable before making a larger investment. 

We suggest the MLT7T, MT7DE, TK PRO STINGER DP OR TK PRO VIGOR, the TK PRO WASP, or the MD6 for starters. 

#2. Your financial focus is elsewhere

Gas is going up in price. Food is going up in price. Houses are going up in price. Land is going up in price. Everything is going up in price and your finical focus might be on other things.

A knife is an essential tool in everyday life, but you don’t have to break the bank to have a quality knife.  When other things take over your budget, just know TacKnives won’t. You can purchase a dependable OTF knife without taking up too much room in your wallet. 

We suggest the MD8T, MD7DE, MD5, or the MT11P. All rated 4.5 stars and all under $100.00.

#3. Name Brands are not important to you

Some knife enthusiasts believe that the only way to go when it comes to knives is to carry the name brands. That’s fine. That’s the way they carry.

We say follow your hand. In our personal collections, we carry everything from our own knives to high-end knives, to one off-hand made knives. Whatever is comfortable in our hands and functions as we need it to is what we carry.

#4. If it gets lost, it’s ok

About a year ago I dropped a three-hundred-dollar knife in between two floorboards in my old barn. While parts of my barn are dirt floors, other parts are concrete and other parts are wood. The only way to get to the knife would be to disassemble the floor of the barn. The barn is over one hundred years old.

I thought about it. I thought about disassembling the floor beams and trying to retrieve my knife. However, the knife lays to rest in the same spot I dropped it a year later because it wasn’t worth it to me to add damage to my already old, yet awesome barn. Now, when I work in that room, I make sure to carry a much cheaper knife. 

We suggest the MN1BRP, MTU3, MN2DE, and MN1RP, all under $50.00

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