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The ultimate guide to picking out the perfect survival knife.

How to pick Out the Perfect Survival Knife.

We hope you never have to be in a survival situation. It doesn’t hurt to be prepared though. This weekend while camping we had a long conversation about the difference between tools we would camp with vs the tools we would choose to survive with. Bug out bags vs get home bags. Emergency kits and first aid kits. When it comes to a survival situation, there are four major things you need and/or need to be able to do. Make fire. Make shelter. Get clean water. Feed yourself. Three of those things require the use of a knife. What knife would make the best survival knife? The drop point and here is why.

If you look at the TK PRO CHAMFER DROP POINT for example, you will find a blade that has all the qualities of a great survival knife.  For starters the straight edge allows for easy sharpening and can be used for several different survival needs. From whittling and food processing to simple brush clearing and material cutting. The flat edge creates a blade shape that allows you do to the necessary things in a survival situation.

The point on a drop point is designed for strength. Piercing without chipping is vital in a survival situation. With a drop point blade shape, you will have no problem piercing or prying using the tip of the blade. Remember, your knife is an extension of your hand. The right blade shape will make all the difference in allowing you ease an efficiently.  If you are in a survival situation, burning to much of your energy with low calorie intake will increase your chances of fatigue and illness. Being efficient and working with as much ease as possible is key.

 The flat, straight spine on a drop point is great for batoning. Which is a technique needed for splitting wood. Using your drop point, place edge side down on the wood you would like to split and use another piece of wood to “hammer” on the spine of your knife. Pushing your blade into the wood you are splitting. Making splitting wood much more efficient.

If you are looking for a knife to give you that edge in a survival situation. Pun intended. Grab a TK PRO CHAMFER DROP POINT. The blade material is 12C27 which is the recommended blade steel for hunters, campers, ext. Making it a perfect blade steel for survival.  The handle on has a very eye-catching design but it just as functional as it is beautiful. The handle on the TK PRO CHAMFLER has a design that combats everyday wear and tear while supporting your grip and avoiding slip while working in the elements.  At 2.4 ounces the TK PRO CHAMFER is a very easy, light weight carry. Fully deployed this knife is just under 7” giving you the right size knife and blade for food processing, batoning, whittling ext.

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