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Treat Yourselves Dads

Father Day Gifts

Father’s Day being right around the corner is a perfect time for us at TacKnives to say thank you to the men creating character in our future generation. At the TacKnives headquarters, our children are young. We as dads will most likely be receiving handmade cards or drawings for Father’s Day.

The truth is no OTF knife is better than that. Nothing that we sell will ever measure up to the homemade gifts from our kids. This Father’s Day we are not here to beat out the gifts that mean the most. We are here to help you treat yourself.

If you need a reason, permission, or guidance on how and why to treat yourself for being there for your kids, here are four of them. 

#1. Toy Packages are harder to penetrate than Fort Knox.

All of us dads have been there. The present opening portion of the birthday party has come to completion and your son or daughter is handing you their new toy to open. Between the layers of plastic, cardboard, twist ties, and rubber bands Toys these days come with more security than the president. This dad is your time to shine. 

For optimal toy opening performance, we suggest the MT9TS

The handle is coated in industrial rubber for grip and durability and comes in various blade styles equipping you with exactly what you need to be the go-to toy retriever.

#2.  A family Camping Trip

The summer season is full of vacations or should be at least. With gas prices soaring, more families are turning their vacations into camping trips.  Grab your backpacks, your tent, your hiking boots, and most importantly the MTU19.

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Originally designed as a farm tool, a Karambit holds all the features you need when braving the trails and sleeping under the stars with your family. 

#3. Speaking of Karambit, Providing for your family.

With whispers, or maybe not as quiet as a whisper, rumors of food shortages are on the rise. Dad’s get your saws, your drills, and your wheel barrel out. You or your other half has already watched a Tic Tok on how to become a homesteader and it is up to you to build raise gardens and chicken coops. Food shortage or not we will always encourage homesteading and suggest the MTU22 for the job.

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#4. Because you want a new knife

As a dad, you’re using a knife for one thing or another. You do a lot for your families. You’re doing a lot for your kids. You deserve a tool that makes the hard stuff easier.

From opening a toy to providing for your family. You are creating character in our future generations, and we thank you for that. Happy Father’s Day from us. 

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