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M390 is the Real Deal in Steel and Here’s Why

Do you consider yourself a woodsman, where hiking, camping, fishing, and hunting are a big part of your life? Well, then having a reliable and durable Out-the-Front (OTF) knife is essential.

OTF knives can be used to prepare food, repair gear, help in emergencies, and even provide you with a hobby of whittling when you’re bored with the sounds of nature. 

Or perhaps you’re not an outdoor guy but just a straight-up knife enthusiast who is looking to invest in one of these attractive and practical automatic pocket knives.

If this is the case, we want to share some vital information about the importance and durability of M390 blade steel.

This post looks at the make-up of an M390 knife and why this steel makes OTF knives durable. We also break down what M390 blade steel is made of and look at TacKnive’s new TK PRO collection.

It’s All in The Steel

Have you been searching for a reliable and durable knife brand but are overwhelmed by the number of options and price differences? We have some advice for you.

We know you’ve probably reached the point where you are wondering, can there really be that big of a difference between a knife that is $79.99 and a blade that is over $200.00? The answer is yes. Let’s cut right into it.

When comparing the difference between knives, pay extra close attention to blade steel. Premium knives will have premium M390 blade steel and the reason being durability.

An M390 knife comprises Carbon, Chromium, Vanadium, Molybdenum, Silicon, Manganese, and Tungsten. M390 blade steel is high-wearing and can hold a sharp edge for a long time. A seriously long time. 

The M390 Blade Steel Breakdown

Here’s what you’ll find in an M390 blade’s steel:

  • Carbon: The addition of Carbon in M390 blade steel is what helps these blades stay sharp for so long.
  • Chromium: The high level of Chromium makes this blade very corrosion resistant. Chromium is added as a film that creates a barrier over the blade, protecting it from the elements that will make it rust, such as moisture and oxygen.

    If you are looking for a knife blade that is reliable in outdoor conditions like camping, hiking, fishing, hunting, etc., an M390 knife is your best bet. With 20% Chromium, not only will your blade be more resistant to rust (in comparison to less expensive blades), it improves the blades’ hardenability and wear-resistance.

    Vanadium: This is to thank for M390 blade steel’s strength. And as if the steel were not already protected enough from corrosion (thanks to Chromium), Vanadium gives the assist as it joins in the oxide coating to protect the steel from moisture and oxygen. Now, Carbon, Chromium, and Vanadium make a great trio, but let’s keep going.

    Molybdenum: By adding a dash of Molybdenum, you have got one tough blade. Molybdenum properties revolve around blade strength. Molybdenum not only increases strength but adds to the hardness, resistance to corrosion (again), and resistance to wear.

    Silicon: Knives go through a process called tempering. This is the heating up of the blades to an extremely high temperature to make it soft, then cooling it. Although tempering is necessary for a blade’s overall performance, it can lead to brittleness if not done right. However, M390 blade steel will not only be done right, but it also has Silicon in it. 

  • Manganese: While we are at it, the Manganese fits in nicely here too. Silicon slows down tempering through science and allows it to be tempered at a higher temperature. Its effects have an excellent toughness-hardness balance. The manganese helps the steel maintain its strength while in those higher temperatures. 

  • Tungsten: We’ve already said why M390 blade steel is so strong, durable, and wear-resistant, but we never mentioned Tungsten. If you are making repetitive cuts, we mean someone using a blade daily may it be for work or hobbies, a high Tungsten element is your friend.

    Tungsten adds high durability and wear resistance to the M390 blade steel and will be why a knife with M390 blade steel will outperform other knives. 

So there you have it. M390 blade steel offers outstanding strength and durability. Not only is it long-lasting, but an M390 knife will reliably get your job done time after time.

Whether that’s fiddling about at home, sharpening twigs for smores on a family camping trip, or more serious outdoor tasks. 

Our TK PRO Collection

Using M390 blade steel in TacKnives’ first TK PRO COLLECTION knife was an obvious choice. The TK PRO is a collection of premium knives crafted for reliability, durability, and high wear resistance. M390 blade steel makes the cut for us and should for you as well. For more information get in touch with us.

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