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Drop Point Blades

Drop Point Knives

Knives. What are they good for? Absolutely everything. OTF knives are one of the most useful tools a person can carry. When it comes to general use or everyday carry (EDC) there is one blade shape that comes to mind. Drop Point. 

Drop point blades are the most versatile blade shape a knife can have. The combination of a good tip and long edge/belly allows the blade to perform several different tasks.  Let’s break down the how each part of this blade works. It could become your next favorite blade. If it isn’t already of course.

The Tip

The overall shape of the drop point style makes the tip of this blade shape surprisingly strong.  Having a sharp, strong tip on a blade allows for puncturing or piercing. Puncturing or piercing can come in handy in outdoor scenarios including hunting and fishing but also everyday life scenarios such as putting an extra hole in your beltloop. 

The Belly

Calling all hunters. The belly on a drop point blade shape is designed perfectly for skinning a deer.  Having that curved blade provides a longer edge, allowing you to use the blade in its entirety for the job at hand.

If a drop point blade shape sounds like the kind of blade you want to have here is a look at some of our favorite Drop Point blades.


Measuring at a full deployed length of 7.25”, the MD8DP’s handle is covered in Dura-Tech rubber for ultimate grip while out in the elements. Adding to the textured and rubber gripped handle, its double action feature allowing this OTF knife to truly be a one-handed tool. Combining those features with a drop point blade, rest assure the MD8DP is a hunter handy OTF knife.

TacKnives Medium-Size OTF Double Action Safety Knife Out-The-Front MD8DP – TacKnives (


Measuring at a fully deployed length of 7”, the MD7DP’s handle is also covered in Dura-Tech rubber with the added machined design for grip and ergonomic handling.  The added strength shape of the drop point blade puts this OTF knife a cut above the rest.

TacKnives Medium-Size OTF Double Action Safety Knife Out-The-Front MD7DP – TacKnives (


Measuring at a full deployed length of 10.55”, the MTU13DP is a truly unique knife.  Completely CNC machined out the MTU13 is extremely precise. The body of the MTU13dp is ergonomic and long, pairing that with it’s drop point blade and single action use makes it one a unique and useful tool.

TacKnives OTF Single Action Safety Knife Out-The-Front MTU13DP with KYDEX (with SAFETY) – TacKnives (

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