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Does 154cm Blade Steel Make The Cut?

Does 154cm Blade Steel Make The Cut

The first 154cm blade steel was developed in 1970, but it wasn’t designed for cutlery or knives. Instead, the manufacturers had jet engine turbine components in mind when they created this steel.

As a result, it features enhanced corrosion resistance, durability, and wear-and-tear resistance. These are excellent features people look for in high-performance metal. But will this type of steel work well for knives?

If you’re reading this blog post, we assume it’s because you are looking to purchase a knife with 154 blade steel. You may have heard of its outstanding qualities.

If that is the case, you have come to the right place if you need more info. We are here to answer the question, “does knife blade steel 154cm make the cut?”. 

Does It Make The Cut?

The answer to this question is simple: given the steel’s outstanding features, it does make the cut. But, looking at the price of a knife with 154cm blade steel, you might be wondering if it is worth it?

It’s no secret that knives made of this steel are on the pricey side of the market. Which is why you might be asking if you are getting enough bang for your buck? 

The short and sweet answer is: of course, you are, and here is why.

From Jet Engines To Fearsome Blades

As mentioned earlier, the 154cm blade steel was designed for jet engine turbine components. It’s tough and durable with a unique set of chemical components.

Since the objective was to make engine parts for high-speed aircraft, it needed to be a type of steel that would be wear-resistant.

The designers also enhanced its corrosion resistance and made it hard enough to withstand a lot of pressure and heat.

The knife community discovered this and thought, if it’s good enough for a jet, it’s good enough for us! It’s the reason why there’s a huge pool of interest in this type of metal.

154cm Blade Steel

The Admirable Features Of Knife Blade Steel 154cm

Initial Amounts of Carbon

Aside from being designed due to necessity, here is what makes this blade steel an excellent choice for knife construction. This steel’s hardness, wear resistance, and corrosion resistance is derived from a pinch of carbon added at a ratio of 1.05%.

This composition is essential because if you add too much carbon, you will decrease the blade’s strength.

The Effects of Chromium

Since you’re already adding carbon, you also need to add in some chromium. This essential trace mineral comes in at 14% to help the carbon enhance its corrosion and wear resistance.

It also improves the steel’s tensile strength. What is tensile strength? It is the maximum stress that a material can withstand while stretched or pulled without breaking.

Fun Fact: By simply increasing the amount of chromium to more than 12%, you will turn your knife blade steel 154cm into stainless steel.

Other Essential Minerals

Other than chromium and carbon, other minerals also make up this type of blade steel. It also contains 4% Molybdenum, which is added to increase the machinability and strength of this steel. With all these components, you already have a durable kind of steel.

However, manufacturers also added 0.5% manganese to increase its hardness further. This element is added to steel to assist carbon and to reduce brittleness.

The 154cm blade steel manufacturers also added 0.8% silicon to the mix. This chemical element improves the stability of the metal. While we are on the topic of strength, they added 0.03% phosphorus to assist the molybdenum, improving the steel’s overall machinability.

An additional 0.03% Sulfur was also added, which further enhances machinability. Furthermore, to improve its wear resistance, the makers of this steel added 0.4% vanadium.

It also adds to the hardenability of the steel being constructed. Finally, 0.4% tungsten was added to the composition to top off wear resistance and hardness.

The Best Steel for Knives

Knowing all the details about 154cm steel, including what it is made of, tells you that it is an excellent choice for knife construction. Its components contribute to its ability to hold an edge that rarely rusts. 

Full Disclosure: 154cm blade steel will rust, but only after a very long time.

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