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9 Creative Concealed Weapons

9 Creative Concealed Weapons

9 Concealed Weapons For Your Consideration

Weapons are more than merely implements that cause harm. Ideas and even unexpected approaches to the deadly arts can lead to victory. No less of an authority than Sun Tzu famously said that a warrior’s goal was to “mystify, mislead, and surprise the enemy.” But that was written a long time ago, right? Surely a world with firearms, drone strikes, and nuclear weapons has created effective arsenals that work better than simple astonishment.

While no one should negate the importance of technological advancement, Sun Tzu’s counsel remains more valid than ever. Just consider Ehud’s assassination of Eglon, imperial Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor, and the drone strike that ended the life of Ayman al-Zawahiri. Approaching someone with an openly brandished weapon is a good way to stop a fight (if the individual is wise and flees) or prolong it (if the individual isn’t). The element of surprise often ends fights almost before they start.

In this article, we’re going to list nine creative concealed weapons, including several offered by us here at TacKnives.

Self-Defense Ring

Rings are typically designed only for ornamentation, making them an ideal way to inconspicuously carry self-defense weapons. These sorts of concealed weapons typically work by dealing some sort of piercing or scratching damage to attackers. Those designed with exercise contexts in mind (think of joggers) usually have a resin spike covered by a plastic flap to prevent accidental injuries. Others hide tiny spikes beneath a detachable setting or stylize the points so that an attacker doesn’t realize that they’re more than decorative before it’s too late. Still others feature a textured surface designed to rend skin.

TacKnives offers a take on the self-defense ring in the form of our single-finger knuckle duster. While it functions in the same way as more traditional brass knuckles, it easily slips onto one digit and can even pass for a ring at a glance. Just make sure to check their legality in your area since some places classify them as concealed weapons.


Derived from the ancient Japanese weapon known as a yawara and brought to market during the 1960s, the kubotan has become a generic reference to any sort of half-foot-long handheld striking implement. The original kubotan was simply a short stick crafted out of plastic, but newer models may incorporate pointed ends, finger spikes, hidden knives, throwing spikes, and panic whistles. Kubotans are typically small enough to fit on a keychain and into your pocket

Cane Sword

Cane swords (or swordsticks, as they’re sometimes called) might sound like something out of the 2021 action thriller The King’s Man, yet they actually have a historical origin. Designed for the upper classes who still knew how to duel during a time when drawing steel was frowned upon, they represented an ideal way to hide long, lethal blades. In most places today, they remain outlawed, but sometimes exceptions exist for antique or historically significant examples.

Monkey Fist

Did you know that rope can be a weapon? The so-called monkey fist or monkey paw is a nautical invention originally used as a line weight, on a tow line, or for precious stone transport. Coiling loops of rope around themselves or some kind of hard bolus creates a lump that looks (appropriately enough) like the end of a pugalistic primate’s arm. It’s no wonder, then, that sailors used them as weapons and managed to hide them in plain sight. While you can buy premade monkey fists, they’re also relatively easy to make.

Self-Defense Umbrella

One of the great advantages of a so-called self-defense or tactical umbrella is that it looks and functions just like a normal golf umbrella. However, they also feature stout handles, reinforced cores, and long metal tips. What looks like an ordinary way to keep off the rain can quickly become an implement for blocking, bludgeoning, jabbing, and striking. In addition to being relatively affordable, these combat implements are almost universally legal.

Sap Cap

If you’ve read any hardboiled detective fiction, you know what a sap is. These incredibly simple and easy-to-conceal weapons involve little more than a dense weight placed in a something flexible you can swing. A sap can be a handsewn flap of leather folded over fine lead shot or a roll of quarter in a tennis sock. One day, some inventive individual got the idea to secret the weight in the top of an ordinary baseball cap, and the sap cap was born. Completely undetectable, sap caps conceal their true purpose until they meet an unwary assailant’s cranium

Tactical Flashlight

Put in a powerful enough bulb and even a humble flashlight can become dangerous. Tactical flashlights can blind combatants, particularly if you encounter them in darkness, but their value lies beyond their brightness. Most are reinforced and can function as clubs. Others have tapered metal ends for prodding and poking. And a few even feature integrated stun guns!

OTF Knife

It might seem redundant to bring up, but OTFs offer excellent self-defense value. Size-efficient and easy to conceal, they straddle the line between useful everyday carry tools and lifesaving weapons. Plus, you can deploy them in an instant! Browse our selection of OTFs here.

EDC Sharpie

A Sharpie is a useful thing to carry, isn’t it? You never know when you’re going to need to scribble down a note or label something permanently — or use it to defend yourself. Because the EDC Sharpie that we offer at TacKnives is really a Sharpie, but it’s also something more. By coring out the original felt tip and ink reservior and then replacing it with a sharpened rod of titanium, we create an easily concealable and lethal weapon that no one will suspect.

Here at TacKnives, we have multiple creative concealed weapon options. Browse our full selection!

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