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Camping Essentials

5 Camping Essentials

We have been camping every weekend here at the TK headquarters. Some of us camp in campers, some of us in tents, but we all agree that no matter how you camp there are a few key things you must bring with you. Here is our list of Camping essentials.

  • Fat Wood Fire Starter
  • LED hanging work light
  • TacKnives PenLight
  • TK Barracuda Wharncliffe
  • First Aid Kit

Fat Wood

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If you have never heard of FAT WOOD, well, you’re welcome. Fat wood is our go-to fire starter. All you have to do is whittle a few wood curls, light them with a lighter, and you have fire. Fat Wood is particularly nice to have if you are backpacking or tent camping because it is lighter and takes up less space than lighter fluid. Suppose lighter fluid is your go-to. 

Fat Wood fire starters can be found on Amazon as well as in local hardware stores. 

Cheap Portable Lighting

We find using cheap portable lighting to be a HUGE asset in our camping trips. From nighttime bathroom runs to hanging in the tent. We will break this into two items. Item number one is an Inexpensive, battery-operated light that has a hook.

If you lose it or leave it behind, they are cheap to replace. They surprisingly, last a really long time. They are lightweight and do not take up much space. Most importantly, they are bright. 

We get ours from Harbor Freight. They have several different styles and sometimes you can get them for free with purchases.


Next would be a flashlight.

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We keep big, huge flashlights in the vehicles and campers, but for quick, convenient light we find a Pen flashlight that has different lighting settings is the best way to go. 

We suggest the TacKnives PenLight. It is lightweight, compact, doesn’t break the bank at under $10, and most importantly, it is a reliable source of light. 

A knife

Bring the TK PRO Barracuda Wharncliffe.

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The blade shape is perfect for whittling, batoning, slicing, piercing, cooking, and whatever else you might use it for. The D2 blade steel is going to stay sharp, and you won’t have to worry about it going dull during your trip. The 3.1 oz weight is light and easy to pack/carry. 

First Aid Kit

This one is probably a no-brainer, but our brains have forgotten them in the past. For weekend camping trips with the family, as long as you’re not too far in the bush, band-aids and alcohol should do the trick. However, we linked a really budget-friendly, size-friendly fully loaded kit that you can find on amazon.

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