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Get ready to experience the pinnacle of knife craftsmanship with TAKCOM, the ultra premium brand that features our original designs. TAKCOM knives are a cut above the rest, utilizing the most high-end materials to ensure unparalleled performance. With blades made from the 154CM, M380, or Magnacut, you can be confident in their durability and sharpness. But it doesn’t stop there – the handles of these exceptional knives are crafted from aircraft aluminum or titanium, or sometimes even a combination of both, guaranteeing a comfortable and secure grip.

What truly sets TAKCOM  knives apart is the meticulous machining process that goes into creating each and every one. The attention to detail is extraordinary, resulting in knives that are incredibly reliable and has minimal blade play. TAKCOM knives take 5 to 10 times longer to CNC compared to the manufacturing process of other budget knives. The super tight tolerance achieved through this process ensures that every component fits together flawlessly, allowing for smooth and precise operation.

When you hold a TAKCOM knife in your hand, you can feel the difference. The weight, balance, and overall craftsmanship are simply unmatched.



Quality and Reliability

TAKCOM is a our premium brand that can go head-to-head with all the premier OTF Knife companies in the market. TAKCOM OTF knives are of the highest quality in precision, reliability, and machining. Each TAKCOM OTF Knife is individually machined with the blade to ensure a perfect fit.


TAKCOM Knives blades are made from a minimum of D2 steel. Steel upgrades can go up from D2 steel to M380 steel. The handles are made from the very least aircraft grade aluminum. However, TAKCOM will use Titanium and Brass as well.