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The Italian Stiletto is the perfect out the front (OTF) knife for Everyday Carry (EDC). You can always count on it to get the job done.  Whether you are camping, on the job, or in your house or workshop, the Italian Stiletto OTF  Knife is one of the most trustworthy knives in various settings.

TacKnives offer only the best Italian Stiletto OTF Knives for you. These knives are not only multifunctional and versatile, but they are also rather enjoyable to use.

And along with the classic Italian design on the products, with different handle materials available, you are ensured various options – all of which are worth the money. TacKnives offers the Italian Stiletto OTF  Knives in 9”, 11”, and 13”, and in various colors.

What Makes TacKnives Special

Here at TacKnives, we offer high-quality OTF knives without the high price. 

TacKnives makes sure that every part of the product journey is up to top-notch standards – from the manufacturing and production processes up until the final sale.

The knife starts as high-grade materials in the hands of specialized engineers and designers working for the company. Instead of relying on outsourcing, TacKnives employs its own professionals from within.

After the materials undergo the manufacturing process, small batches of knives are formed,  which then undergo a series of tests to ensure that the final product is of first-rate quality. These tests include a humidity test, strike test, and heat tamper test – all factors for the final product to be sold.

From then on, only the knives that provide the best results head over to the final step – to be sold at a fair price.

Why You Should Buy TacKnives OTF Stiletto Knives

TacKnives makes sure that all of its OTF Stiletto Knives possess the following qualities:


The knives are made out of stainless steel or aluminum. Combine that with the hidden nature of the blade within the sheath, and this product lasts longer than other portable knives. This function also allows the knife to perform better and remain sharper.

Automatic Function

In OTF blades, the knife can either be a single- or dual-action variant. And while both variants generally deploy the blade (from the sheath) with a single push of a button, the main difference between the two is that in a single-action variant, you have to manually insert the blade back,  whereas with a dual-action variant, you can retract the blade with another push of a button or a  switch. This can be useful for on-the-fly scenarios.


OTF knives are equipped with either a single-edged or double-edged blade. For safer and more general use, you should consider a single-edged blade. But if you know the specifics of the usage of your blade, then a double-edged blade might be better, although more safety precautions will have to be taken.

Additional customizations for the knife are also available, such as changing the handle – choosing which grip best fits you is an important aspect when buying a blade.

Get Your Own Italian Stiletto Knife Now!

Our clients love our products, and now we are inviting you to test them out. Our OTF knives are cost-efficient, but their quality matches those of the more premium brands.

Since 2014, TacKnives has produced only high-quality knives to be used by all sorts of people for a wide array of situations. Whether for a premium collection for a connoisseur, recreational activities by enthusiasts, or a simple trusty knife for anyone, we have what you need.