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Medium OTF Knives

When we think of size, the size medium is always overlooked. We either want things small and concealable or large and in charge. Even when we order a steak, is Medium even that popular? Better not be, it’s mid-rare for us at TacKnives.

When it comes to OTF knives, don’t make the mistake of looking over a medium OTF. For many of us, a medium OTF is just the right size for comfort, grip, and handling. Also, it’s the perfect size knife for using to cut into that mid-rare venison steak you just cooked over a fire at deer camp.

Enough about steaks, let’s talk about knives. One of our favorite medium OTF knives is the TK PRO Wasp. At TacKnives we go on and on about the TK PRO Wasp and its overall ability to be the perfect double action OTF EDC. It just happens to also be a medium OTF knife.

The Wasps medium size is part of what makes it so great for EDC. It’s not too large that it doesn’t fit in a pocket and is not too small allowing the firm handling for everyday use.

Medium OTF Knive Options

Now, if you’re looking for a less expensive option but still in the market for a money clip style knife. Take more than a glance at our MT11R, MT11P, MT11GT, MT11B, and MT11G. These select medium double action OTF knives carry the same element of attraction when it comes to size.

Yes, with the TK PRO Wasp you’re getting a higher quality blade steel, handle material, and less blade play, but we also understand the need for quality budget OTF knives as well.

Let’s move on to the MD5. As opposed to the flat and rectangular body shape of the money clip knives, the MD5 handle is thinner and longer. This could be a more comfortable fit for someone with more difficult cuts like a brush or wires.

The kind of cut where you need a quick slice with more power from the handler. Using a medium-sized OTF makes for easy handling allowing you to produce the extra power needed in a more difficult slice.

Uses of Medium OTF Knives

If you shop the TacKnives website, you will see thirty-five different types of Double Action Medium OTF knives. Each knife is equipped with the versatility that comes with being a double-action medium OTF knife. Outdoors’ men and women often choose a medium-sized OTF knife because less is more when camping, fishing, hunting, etc.

Most Outdoors people are looking for tools that can do multiple jobs or perform several jobs equally as good as or even close to as good as the recommended tool. If we are gutting a fish a small, detailed knife would be the tool of choice, but a medium OTF knife can certainly do the job.

Same with cutting through brush, a large knife or a hatchet would be ideal, however, the medium-sized OTF will get you through the brush. By carrying one Medium-sized knife you eliminate the need for three knives in general situations.

Check out our selection of Medium OTF knives and see which one would be best for your next outdoor adventure.