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Why Choose Folding Pocket Knives (Also Known as Folding Knives)

A folding pocket knife is an easy and compact tool that can be used for various applications. This knife’s blade is safely stored or tucked into the handle. To deploy the edge, you’ll need to pull it open.

Once the blade is fully deployed, the locking mechanism will hold the knife in place. It prevents the knife blade from wiggling or folding back into the handle. There are several types of locks for a folding knife.

Frame locks are one of the most common locking systems for a folding pocket knife. A portion of the frame bends as the blade is deployed, which holds it in place. Another common locking mechanism for a folding knife is the liner lock. It provides secure locking, ease of assembly, and cost.

When the blade deploys, one of its liners will engage the tang, thus locking it in place. A liner is a cut-out on the handle that has been bent to produce a spring effect when you pull the blade out. There are other locking mechanisms. Some are more complicated and expensive than others.

TacKnives folding pocket knives are easy and safe to carry. They’re designed to create an unencumbered feel when you place them inside your pocket. In addition, the ergonomic design makes them perfect for continuous use.

Here are some of our top picks for folding knives:

  • Folding Knife BF06: This folding knife is an excellent everyday carry knife (EDC). The exquisite design features low-profile highlights and top-notch machining. The slender profile allows you to easily place it in your pocket or bag, making it very concealable.
  • Fat Dragon Folding Knife: This is a thumb flip knife with perfect balance. It’s an elegant knife with efficient uses.
  • Fat Dragon Folding Knife – Damascus Version: This is similar to the original with one crucial difference: the Damascus blade. The blade remains rigid yet flexible and maintains its edge even after extended use.

The Best Folding Pocket Knives from TacKnives

At TacKnives, our product catalogs include folding pocket knives that you can use for various applications. We create knives for more than just their aesthetic qualities but for their utility too.

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