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Are you looking for the perfect butterfly knives?

Polish your flipping skills with our fan knives or complete your collection with our latest balisong knives.

Are you in search of an easy-to-carry balisong for your next trek?

Try a TacKnives balisong to practice your butterfly knives tricks and use it as an EDC (Everyday Carry)

Whatever your reason is, we got the knife for you.

TacKnives’ balisongs are ideal for the now-popular and high-octane flipping – a showcase of finger spins and sleight of hand.

Build your arsenal of flipping techniques with these butterfly knives. Their well-engineered bite and safe handles provide a tight grip for your flips.

Yet, their pivot pins keep your tricks in control. These knives are lightweight and well-proportioned from the grind and tang. Each has a snug-fit latch for solid closing.

These knives are the perfect fit for knife enthusiasts. Choose any of these butterfly knives and compare their qualities to your sharpest possessions.

Aside from flipping and collecting, you can use these pocket-sized butterfly knives as cutting tools for cords and twigs during hiking and trekking.

These blades have a machine-whetted cutting edge and swedge for your precision cuts. They are also easy to keep yet smooth to unfurl.

Knife Specs

Since 2014, we provide an immense range of high-caliber and whetstone-friendly out-the-front, pocket, and butterfly knives.

Our seasoned knife engineers designed these cutting tools.

Unlike many balisongs in the market, we forge ours through three to ten-pound strikes in a granite anvil and heat-cool polarities.

Here is a roster of qualities that you should experience with our products:

  • Edge Retention is our knife’s ability to retain its sharpness through a barrage of uses, repeated sharpening, acid exposure, and natural wear and tear.
  • Ease of Sharpening refers to how simple a knife owner hones and resharpens our knife products.
  • Design is the aesthetic appeal of our knives as regards their texture, groove, color, form, and handles.
  • Safety indicates tight screws and handles to hold the knife in place and prevent any untoward incident.

Get the Right Knife for Your Next Adventure

Pick our flip-ready butterfly knives for sale or choose among the out-the-front knives here in TacKnivesUSA.